Red Star Imperium is Recruiting

Join Red Star Imperium now. Emperor Galen Sheridan has created a new corporation looking and is looking for new and experienced players who are interested in multi faceted gameplay. We are in need of Miners, Industrialists, Privateer/ Security forces (PVP) to expand the corporations dominance through new Eden.

We are looking for players who are interested in making Isk. Lots of it. By any means necessary. Earn it, Steal it, Con for it, makes no difference. ISK is the grease that turns the wheels of Governments and organizations.

Join “Red Star Imperium” in, in game chat to discuss details and inquire.

Recruiting motivated players who are interested in working to grow a Corporation from scratch.

Join now the future is at hand. New players welcome. Old players welcome. Just come to have fun.

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