Red vs Blue - Fast, affordable PvP action - most fun per hour in Eve

A warm welcome awaits in Red vs Blue - Eve’s most famous PvP nightclub since 2007. Stop shooting rocks and robots and join the fun - you’ll be so glad you did. :slight_smile:

Red Federation and Blue Republic – two corps and one eternal war. While others try to win wars – our goal is war – so we can have more fun with it than anyone else. Our aim is fast - fun – affordable PvP action within a respectful and supportive community.

Want to learn PvP ? Returning after years out and need to catch up ? Then please apply to Red vs Blue Flight Academy. We offer training classes - free ships - weekly low sec roams - daily events / classes and of course EXPLOSIONS! Learn fittings, tactics and develop your piloting skills .

Nobody has blown up more ships than us and we have launched the careers of many of Eve’s finest PvP pilots and FC’s.

After a two year hiatus one of Eve’s most famous and well loved brands is BACK – its time to enjoy PvP again!

Public Channel: R-V-B
Public Help Chat: Red vs Blue Flight Academy
Flight Academy:


I’ve been in RvB for only about three months. This corporation is the best thing to have happened to me in EVE. Bluelysian, and Vision Thing Achasse have poured their heart into this, and RvB is blooming. Every day, you’ll find people out there to fight, and it never gets stale, because you have to plan around your enemies constantly. I’m happy I was here for when RvB came back, and I hope more members, both old, and new come and join us for the many explosions to come.


I was drifting a bit in Eve until I found the team at RvB.

They gave me direction, some solid PvP skills and a fantastic bunch of connections.

Recommended for New Eden pilots old & new.

Oh, did anyone mention the free ships?


I forgot to mention the free ships


I’ve just come back to Eve after stopping in 2014. Immediately came back to RvB and its just as good as I remember.


All three corps (Red Federation, Blue Republic and Red vs Blue Flight Academy) are fully open for applications.


Red versus Blue has represents ‘home’.

I first started my journey in New Eden at Eve Uni.

I was in the Uni during the first - of what was to become a now traditional - war with Red versus Blue many, many years ago!

On one encounter, I was part of a 120 strong Uni fleet facing 100 purple RvBs. I later learned Mangala Solaris was the opposing FC. The encounter left a real impression on me. Not just the battle itself but the conduct of the RvB fleet as a whole. It was a strange, seemingly laid back, kind of approach… yet disciplined. An ethos that seemed to echo RvB’s approach to serious but fun PvP. The local chat was humorous, respectful and even useful.

In short, RvB’s pure PvP doctrine combined with mostly friendly, respectful local chatter left a real impression on me. The war ended and I joined RvB immediately.

I’ve moved around many times since then. WWB, low-sec, w-space - the full gamut.

But inevitably; I always know deep down I’ve got a home to return to. And that’s RvB.

Don’t get left out in the cold like Bernie
Find a home in RvB


I having been playing Eve for just over 3 months and consider myself lucky to have been found by Bluelysian in Rookie Chat on my first day. I was welcomed to RvB with open arms, good humor and a well thought-out pathway to becoming proficient in PvP combat. I have learned much beyond PvP as my cohorts are generous and forthcoming with their well-developed knowledge of Eve and how to become self-sufficient within it. During the week we have daily PvP free-for-alls, on the weekends we have more formal Red versus Blue battles and on Wednesdays we have a low-sec fleet roam where new and experienced fleet commanders can flex their muscles. Did I mention the free ships? No matter where my Eve adventure takes me I will always consider myself well-formed and honed by my wonderful time with RvB.


Please dont go there.
RvB is — all I was looking for and I do not want to share it with anyone.
Uh -. wait - its all about sharing there.
They even share their ships, time, knowledge, resources…hmm

And somehow they are not particular touchy, except when it comes to keeping a non toxic environment.
But we shoot each other a lot - A LOT - and have fun.

A weird place - It is a bit like Cheers - only it is not a bar.
Or like Spider Murphy’s Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon, except it is not a bar.

I ve been with them a month or so and my plans to stop playing Eve turned around.
Because I found that playing Eve was only third of the fun - the community around it was the missing 2/3rds really.

Of course I still wait them to stab my back, but so far they gave me more chances to do that to them rather than to me - so I really have to write - Dont come here - you may never leave…


It is a bit like Cheers for sure.

But then Eve is not and has never been a game of spaceships - they are just the tokens in a game of relationships.

and don’t even get me started on the socialist under-pinnings of RvB in the Ayn Randian wonderland of New Eden…


Red vs Blue remains open for applications. A very vibrant time for us right now. :slight_smile:


All three corps (Red Federation, Blue Republic and Red vs Blue Flight Academy) are fully open for applications.

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Another day of classes, fleets, free ships and good cheer in RvB - New Eden’s favourite PvP bar. We remain open for applications.

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Hoping all had a great Valentine’s weekend?

Rest assured; Red versus Blue will never break your heart.

We’re here for you 24/7.

Its time to enjoy PvP again!

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Now offering Public PvP fleets all week long with free ships - see Fleet Finder for details.

Its US !
Who broke the Eve Online servers first time !

This is a fantastic group of players - pvp is so much fun! And you won’t forget the kindness and generosity of @bluelysian , @Vision_Thing_Achasse and the veterans.


From Golems to Rifters - New Eden’s premiere PvP bar remains open to applications.

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Goodness the bar is busy tonight! Draw up a stool and join us!

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That fight was AWSOMEEE. And really fun ! Also academy pilots and just couple of old days who made their first roam hold really great . … I think it was only me constantly getin lost and catching fleet behind :rofl:

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