New Eden Fight Club - Now Recruiting - PvP & PvE Community - Newbro's Welcome!

What is Red vs Blue?

Red vs Blue PvP is a well known way of enjoying gaming that began within EvE Online in 2007.

About New Eden Fight Club:

Created in August, 2021 to carry forward a constantly improving Red vs Blue way of life that many pilot’s can enjoy for years to come!

The premise of New Eden Fight Club is one corporation with two team’s, Red and Blue, constantly at war with one another in a specific high security space area.

Fight Club not only support’s PvE outside of our designated PvP area, we encourage it, and help all pilot’s progress within EvE Online without situating them to be in war’s vs other group’s at any time, permanently.

War rages on between Red and Blue each day in the never ending war of constant cost effective & fun PvP!

Join the corporation, choose a team, and get into action immediately!

What we have to offer:

  • A very active, team oriented PvP & PvE community with constant fun PvP being the overall focus.

  • Over 1000+ unique bookmark location’s for:
    RvB PvP Pocket, PvE Pocket, High Sec, Low Sec, etc

  • 130+ Newbro corp fitting’s for PvP & PvE

  • PvP Medal’s of recognition, categories:
    Content Creator, Acts of Heroism, Kill Milestone, Loss Milestone.

  • PvE Medal’s of recognition:
    Content Creator

  • Supporter Medal’s of recognition & discord title.

  • Many Newbro guide’s & Newbro skillplan

  • Many additional PvP & PvE guide’s

  • Be part of a family working together to progress individually, and as a corporation.

Why join Fight Club?

The most appealing aspect of New Eden Fight Club is accessible PvP & PvE.

Our specialization on low-cost fleet battles allows for content, fast, and cheap fun.

The high sec war with no 3rd party war declarations, allows for the war to continue uninterrupted by other parties, and to scale up or down based on our needs, ability, and player count.

This in combination with our community rule’s allows for 1v1s all the way up to fleet fights with support, along with training events and coaching, random skirmishes, FFAs, and planned special events.

Along with that, our awesome collective community of teams Red & Blue participate in NPSI activities, Low Sec Piracy, Null and WH roams, and much more.

Our events and style are decidedly out of the norm for most of EvE, so come fly reckless, your wallet and kill board don’t matter here, regardless you will have fun.

Continually at war with ourselves while being able to PvE, you will:

  • Lose Ships, Repeatedly.
  • Potentially lose pods.
  • Blow up a lot of ships.
  • Make some good friends.
  • Learn a lot about PvP & PvE.
  • PvP & PvE as much as you like!

Requirement’s to join:

  • Discord
  • Microphone
  • Team player.
  • Respect other’s & follow rule’s
  • Have fun!

No API or bureaucracy required, come and go as you please.

We have rule’s for PvP within & outside of the Red vs Blue Pocket that ALL pilots are expected to follow, these rule’s promote a fun and semi-balanced atmosphere for all pilots regardless of skill or experience.

How to apply & for more info:

Join the New Eden Fight Club Discord.

Join our recruitment & public chat: “Public Chat NEFC

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Do you accept alpha’s?

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Yes! In fact we have a skillplan pilot’s can use which allow’s a day 1 alpha pilot using recruit a friend’s 1 million free skill point’s to day 1 instant train into all Tech 1:


Triglavian Ship’s
Edencom Ship’s

Include’s all Tech 1:
Weapon type’s

Cost: 43 Million ISK
Skill’s trained: 275
Remaining skillpoint’s: 11k

New pilot’s and veteran’s alike enjoying PvP & PvE, veteran’s often finding themselves prioritizing assisting new player’s, tons of mechanic’s learnt in PvE transition to PvP.

If you or anyone else would like to take a look at the skillplan/use it, feel free! It is linked in our public chat: Public Chat NEFC

The 130 corp fit’s mentioned can ALL be used by this day 1 skillplan pilot.

Additionally, we have TONS of guide’s for new pilot’s.

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Hello, Guys, and Gals of Eve…This is 71350. I am a corp. member of Red vs. Blue, and I’m Red. I’ve known Dan for a New York Minute. Lol. He’s a friend, and a mentor in Eve to me. Also in other games we’ve payed together over time. As such I understand the game mechanic’s of Eve, and what it’s like to be a new player. I’ve played Eve on and off since 2009. So I’m not new to the game, but I have taken “breaks” from it as most people do. What this corp. is about, is the blending of your wants, and or abelite’s with other peoples. In a way that is productive, and or beneficial to you. And or them. We are here to help each other have a nice experience in Eve. And to grow. At the same time, people of a solo nature are encouraged to join. You can be as much, or as little a part of as you want. My take on this is as such… You would be hard pressed to find a more friendly atmosphere, any where in the game, where you can be yourself. Yet at the same time, if you chose to. There are plenty of group activities. Be they solo, or group. Pvp, pve, sites, roams. High sector, low sector, null sector. Production, market buying/selling, you name it. The possibilities in Eve are expanding as most of you know.
I hope to see you in game. And or in corp.
Take it easy.
Fly safe.
And feel free to contact me in game with any questions, any time.
Sincerely 71350


Thousand’s of PvP ship’s ready to go in the Red vs Blue Pocket with multiple reshipping bowhead’s to pop out on demand!

Pilot’s accepted will receive 20-100 each to get the PvP flowing without pilot’s needing to wait for ship’s to arrive via courier etc.

Additionally, we are happy to help new pilot’s who require isk for a PvE Cruiser, Battlecruiser, and or skillbook cost for our new character skillplan, along with encouraging them to join veteran’s on a day to day in fleet PvE.

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Pilot’s have begun saturating the Red & Blue PvP team’s. Join us today with a current main, alt, or new account!

Required skillpoints to join: 420

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Are you more PvE focused vs PvP? No problem!

We encourage pilot’s with various interest’s & focuses to apply!

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Do you have what it takes to join Fight Club?

If the wrath our glorious New Eden God’s was ever unleashed upon us for not maximizing fun per hour enough as a community, would you be willing to sacrifice a first born, friend, loved one, or favorite pet gold fish to ensure that they are always pleased with a never ending show of death in their name?

Join us, for the God’s demand sacrifice’s in their name through glorious combat!

Looking for all pilot’s who desire to embrace death in pursuit of fun per hour!

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Are you fond of blowing up space ship’s and having a good time with friend’s in a convenient setting?

Apply today!

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Killboard? Full Red. New Meta Unlocked.

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Fun per hour = Best in slot item.

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Skillpoint requirement to join: 420

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Day 1 Pilot’s welcome! We are happy to help new pilot’s get set up with the ability to use many ship’s, while having fun and learning in a team environment.

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Do it for the Teapot, Blue Republic!!!


I can see very good, disciplined, hard work there …
That is something i respect .


Great corp for newbies, extremely helpful and generous for new and old player wanting to fleet up in either from PvP to PvE and has connections for mining and much more!

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Great Corp to get reintroduced to the game or even just starting out lots of great stuff here looking forward to more.

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Coming from the RvB that was active last summer when i saw Dan trying to start a new RvB i thought he was just trying to use RvB’s legend to gain members but as i did some more learning i changed my mindset. While RvB has been run by one group at once through its history it is more of a concept then a name, and while yes i think 2 people working together is going to be more effective then working separately can tried to work together with RvB gen 2 as we will call it and leardership accepted his help and needed content but dident bring him into the leadership or into a decision making group that would actually work together as a team to help lead and Dan was doing more then the leadership combined. Dan had set up a mineing fleet with a orca for boosts not knowing they were mineing in a unused RvB system and without warning a RvB vet warped in and killed the orca. now if someone who had been in RvB for a bit and knew the RvB systems and was mineing from themselfs then killing the orca would be fine but it was such a dick move because it just killed content and was taking advantage of a mistake someone had made. the right thing to do would of been to convo Dan and remind him that he was hosting a fleet in RvB space but he dident. this vet would also talk ■■■■ about Dan in comms saying that he was making pve content in a pvp focused corp. and maby this would be a decent argument in a nullsec all pvp corp but in RvB there are players who join at 1 day old and dont have the isk to buy ships and needs to making isk and do pve. the vets argument was not gaining much traction among leadership so the vet tried to get dan to stop it so in every fleet the vet would join comms and yell at dan for all this stuff about how he should not be running the fleets and eventually Dan broke and called the vet a lot of bad words. so the vet went crying to leadership and got dan kicked from RvB. so long story short Dan did a ton for gen two RvB but they threw him away so i think it is perfectly reasonable for Dan to start a new sperate RvB.

In Dan’s RvB there is a ton of content and opportunities to do stuff. as the member amount has been growing he has been making more pvp fleets and when there is only around 10 people online he has pve fleets you can join to learn abyssals or he will run level 4 missions so you can join fleet and get standings to run the missions yourself. you can mail him asking for some ships and he will send you a contract of 25 ships to undock and blow up. it reminds me so much of the few months or RvB gen two’s prime when we had a ffa fleet going almost 24/7 with so much content. currently there is more pve content then pvp but as the numbers grow the ffa fleet with be on for longer and longer as more people are online to join. Dan is in comms almost all the time and you can join and ask him questions and hang out and chat all day long. i can really not say enough good things about what Dan is making and i look forward to the future of Red vs Blue Fight Club

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Great place to either get started or return to the game, personally i’m very much a newbro to the game and Dan and the Corp have been nothing but fantastic and helping me to learn the game and get started and be able to experience the game without the stress of losing everything i have had to grind out myself (still lost a little of course haha). If your looking for a Corp that is here to help people and have fun together and build a great community LOOK NO FURTHER!!! join today you will not regret it.


I would like to speak to the manager, NOW PLEASE!

I do not feel like I am being treated appropriately as a member of this corporation for multiple reasons.

Though I would LOVE to spare all pilot’s of New Eden from being aware of the absolutely horrid thing’s happening in this corp!

As a proud high ranking member of the Karen’s, I am obligated to bring these completely unacceptable fact’s to light, a warning to all who may consider joining Red vs Blue Fight Club.

List of complaint’s:

  1. I am fairly certain they are a sex cult, pretending to be a fight club. embracing the motto “we never talk about fight club”, however implying the sex cult.

  2. All pilot’s who have joined thus far are so dam friendly & helpful they are either being paid for it or must have a hidden agenda, every time I log in feel’s like a 10 minute commercial featuring 10 versant’s of Billy May’s, each with a different product they are offering free of charge, often with a life time guarantee.

  3. I often wonder if the recruitment process involves exclusively recruiting Canadian’s whom are required to battle in a “Canadian stand=off of one-up niceness in a Tim Horton’s line,” or some sort of other sick method’s.

  4. A majority of the veteran’s have some sort of projectile weapon installed in their home’s.

I have heard them speaking about how the weapon is capable of launching a credit card over 200mph towards a computer monitor when the eve online store or in game shop is opened, allowing only the most precise and rapid transaction’s.

  1. Everyone keep’s telling me to check our fun per hour meter, however wont specify where it is located, it is driving me insane.

  2. I submitted a complaint to the fight club’s leadership team and their reply was “stop being a Karen”,

I find this extremely conflicting because it is my duty to embrace the Karen within me, and project her greatness across New Eden.

  1. They told me I was to cool to leave, saying “it’s forbidden, the prophecy is upon us”.

My right’s are being violated, please send help! <3

(None of this really happened.)