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Red vs Blue is one of the longest standing institutions in EVE Online, being traced back to 2008. Rather than PvP for a specific goal, PvP is the goal.

RvB is two Corporations in a constant state of war. When not fighting each other, we join forces to fight all comers!

For new players, new to PvP, veterans bored of tidi, blues, and blue balls, alts, mains, people who want to learn to FC. RvB is a place where you can find what you are looking for without pressure.

For more information, contact a recruiter or see our details in game Channel “R-V-B” or on our forums information section at

About Us

We have a history and knowledge base to help any player grow through PvP. We also have the knowledge and support to make you ISK without grinding into monotonous burnout.

We are also give many benefits to our members and open our doors to volunteer leadership or FCs wanting to gain purpose and direction that will bring even more fights to our door through Events, FCing, and NPSI fleets.

Finally, we have a good reputation, from our perspective. Often called scrubs by those who don’t know what risk or Reds are, we fight with risk, leaving the comfort of stations, gates, or green safeties, in order to find or make explosions. Winning or losing a fight is not what’s important, but once you learn to overcome your fear of losing a ship, a battle, a war, then you are free to win them the against odds with all with the skill and daring of a true RvB member. So if you want to enjoy the goal of PvP with the goal of competition, learning, or simply the good company, come join us.


  • RvB provides pilots the opportunity for 1v1s, small gangs, free-for-alls, brawls, roams and so on.
  • RvB won’t force you to log on, you’re welcome to log on as little or often as you like.
  • RvB has an open door policy, anybody is welcome to join and you’re welcome to leave and come back as often as you desire.
  • Pilots range from 2003 to 2018, therefore you will be able to fight against peers and very experienced veterans daily.
  • Mumble, Discord, Killboards, Alt Corps, Services, and Forums
  • No annoying long drawn out auth procedures, simply apply and wait for someone to approve your application
  • Rewards and Programs for newbros and Veterans that promote activity DAILY.
  • Corp Contracts and Pre-Fit Program- Order or buy instantly in System when your stock is low to keep shooting!
  • No Tidi, pings, or drawn out garbage.

Simple and effective.



Dont Be a ****

Red vs Blue have secured a permanent place in EVE history.

RvB is always open, ready to fight… So what are you waiting for!?!?! Respond here, send an evemail or join our in-game channel "R-V-B"

Details or Further Reading Below


We Operate with a few key rules. Mostly revolving around podding, ECM, Station Games, and other things that may make life bad for other members or generally make you a DICK! No Podding, No station games, No Midslot ECM unless called for by FCs. Primarily the rule Don’t be a dick, honor your word, and listen to command are our most important principles. We care about attitude more than anything. Also, our rules are only for RVB PLAY, not ANY 3rd Party, be it a War Target or neutral!

We allow piracy in low sec. Some members repair their sec status to participate in hi sec ops so funding is available for those members who kill often enough to need tags to increase sec status.

We allow and promote NPSI activity.

We do not mine or mission. We allow any full participant to do so, but if you want to hide in RvB as a missioner or miner without killing anything, look elsewhere or simply roll a new character for RvB and one for ISK operations.


We Operate primarily in hisec. This lets us be mostly distraction free for our own war.

We frequent low sec daily, with some members enjoying WH and Null small gang roams or solo jaunts as well.

We participate in some training, but are not focused on it by in large. For us training to PvP comes mostly by the experience of actual fighting, rather than a sitdown class.

Incentives & Support:

  • Reimbursements for arranged fights. Once or Twice per week we run a cruiser or BC fight with a reimbursement for any losses, 8 million for cruisers, and 17 million for BCs. The effective payout covers the average meta fit ship.
  • In addition to those events, we run a “Monthly SRP” which pays at minimum your insurance cost for all of your losses at the T1 Cruiser, Frigate, and Destroyer rate. When combined with loot and other payouts and free ships, our newest members pay the least, and some even make ISK or break even playing this way. The hardest hit wallets are those with T2 rigs or T2 Ships, or shiny modules.
  • Free frigate and skillbook program for new players.
  • Reimbursement for unarranged fights. If you aren’t able to partake in the main events or things just aren’t going on, go lose a ship in RvB space, and get a small reimbursement incentive.
  • Loyalty Points for FCs: To defray the costs of your expenses and promote more PvP activity, we have an LP program that logs your fleets and their kills/losses to give you LP to trade direct for ISK.
  • Free Ships- We run frigate FFAs weekly, low sec roams almost often, and have special corp hangars for veteran members to take a few free ships each day as long as they lose them in glorious combat!
  • Medal Rewards! We give out medals monthly or as needed, with a bonus of ISK for each one. Reach a kill milestone or be the hero tackle your fleet needs!
  • FC Power! Trusted FCs can hand out some free or cheap ships or ISK at their discretion, the cost will be more significantly reduced for logi/support on low sec roams or big events.
  • We also have access to ISK making opportunities once accepted, but all are out of corp.

Requirements, or Lack Thereof:

  • No API, Alts or mains welcome

  • No SP requirement, Alphas and Omegas Welcome


We laugh at each other, we care about each other, we love and hate each other. We are a madhouse.
I’ve talked philosophy and war, alongside how to fit a proper fast tackle, I’vve listened to classic rock while discussing policy, and run classes interrupted by soloists keen on sensor damps. The madhouse is what you make of it and what you bring to it, but our culture is my favorite part of RvB.

We do not tolerate bigotry.
We do not tolerate “seal-clubbing” activity within RvB using expensive ships, modules, drugs, and implants to risklessly pad your killboard by beating those less rich or experienced as you.

We all have something we like and we all have opinions, but what draws us together is being purple in fleet. So if you like to Role Play a little to, see the following from Red Federation and Blue Republic.

The Beginnings of the War

"So I’m hungry, I have pot noodle with no pot, but wait, I’m in the crypt right? I knew it was here somewhere, Tron and I had argued about it just the night before, stupid “Teapot of Justice”, I was sick of the old rituals, dressing up in those Minmatar slave girl costumes and drinking lemon tea while watching Podpilot Idol. To hell with it, I looked around and there it was mounted on a plinth adorned with the Purple Arms and next to the Forbidden Toaster of Desire. There was nothing else for it, I grabbed the teapot, filled in the potless pot noodle, added water, pew pew with the shooty gun and it was hot as hell. Mmmmmm sacrilegious.

Just as I’m scoffing the last few chemically altered wheat noodles in he walks, flanked by General Arkaiser and Commander Thrace. I have to say, while it was clearly a grave moment in New Eden history, the look on his face was great. He erupted into one of his great rants, I didn’t even listen to the words, I knew by the look on the faces of Sarkus and Arkaiser there was no backing down now, we’d gone too far, just as I knew that Thrace would eventually side with us.

I walk straight past them and out, opening my communicator and signalling General Raivi, “The time has come, the revolution begins today. RED DESTINY!”…"

Red Federation

The exiles. Driven from their home world for refusing to accept the values and beliefs that were once forced upon them. The members of the newly formed Red Federation stand now against those that they once called brothers and sisters, prepared to defend their newfound freedom.

Never again will they live under the tyranical rule of the Blue Republic. Never again shall a Red bow his head to their ancient religions and hollow prophecies.

This day is our day. A day to forge a new way ahead. And any who would stand in our way shall feel our wrath.

Ad astra per aspera! Through Hardship to the Stars!

Blue Republic

The Reds claim to be the seekers of truth and enlightenment yet engage in nothing but debauchery.

They commit many crimes and must suffer for their deeds, but nothing they have done or indeed can do can be as horrifying as their desecration of the Teapot of Justice, using it to make their so called “Pot Noodle”.

Our power lies in the shadows, in manipulation and control, in strict obediance to the ancient scrolls, they swore the oath that they now defy, they must die.

Closing Information

Further Reading:

Public Discord Section: HERE

In game Channel: R-V-B

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