The problem with RvB - a quick fix to reboot the Eternal War

This much I know…

RvB was working very well earlier in the year, before the influx of vet players who swarmed-in and changed the vibe almost overnight.

Blue Republic was wrestled off @bluelysian whilst under duress.

CCP offered no support, maybe they were betting on Eve Uni & saw the Flight Academy as a rival to their revamped set-up?

RvB is now dying; the whole thing has been trashed by vets in a 12–16-week period

So, what’s the solution?

Give Blue Republic back to @bluelysian . If CCP won’t actively encourage this transfer of Corp ownership, then the community needs to pressure the current RvB leadership to do the right thing.

Find a competent leader for Red Federation, if it’s someone who wants to smash Blue & all she stands for in-game, then all the better. Everyone loves an angry Boomer.

Get RvB going again, with the Academy feeding into the two Corps involved in the eternal war.

If anyone has a better solution feel free to post in the comments, but having two more elderly, male vets in charge isn’t going to move the needle, in my opinion.

What do you think? How would you bring RvB back from the dead… again?

(Remember this has already been done once and then trashed in a matter of weeks)

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CCP isn’t going to step in.

Also, I’m curious. So, do you care to elaborate on what you think the new leadership is doing wrong? Is it just that the vibe has changed, or what? And how has the vibe change? Care to share any more details about the coup?

Also, I’m sure sol would want to bring up the Eternal September if he had posting rights. So, I’ll bring it up for him.

No P2W

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CCP won’t step in and neither should they.

It isn’t up to them to decide which player is more worthy. That’s for players to decide within the mechanics, so working as intended.

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how much are you getting payed to say that? also your name is very humble lol

You still didn’t get it i think … so many people left RvB after me .and.they shrink to nothing . Currently they closed RvB to recruitment and vision talks about closing it permanently . There will be nothing for you to add last of your list .

I build it up. And when its active and seats are prestigious they purged me .
Now they ■■■■■■ in 3 months

Legid. Simple fact . NO NARRATIVE .

So many people in New Eden knows respect and care about me and its mutual …someof those aliance leaders goid people with good connections. Incl your friend . Also i grow and help so many new pilots into PvP . Just stop emberassing yourself. You dont do good for your own name.


HI, excuse me for butting in.

There are some people in Eve that like to stick the knife into people like this, as part of their gameplay. It makes Eve a pretty dark experience at times. I would advise you to step back a bit let it go and then come back at a future date if you still feel that you want to, or can afford the time and effort, including emotional effort. It may be that they are getting off on your reaction here, I have seen that happen.

It is a shame that Eve is losing a passionate advocate, but sometimes you are better off just walking away from this type of shite. Respect to you for all that you did from what I know of you.

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Who is that that is posting as Admin? On the RvB page?

Vision Thing Achasse . He is the architect of all these. He went to Miri Boirelle and filled him with lies against me. . Also that web page… i did already paid premium membership for RvB . Worth 2000 euro . Or dkk cant remember but it was expensive .When i took over RVB He said he will do it . Insisted . He used word press insteaf .Then god he wanted to use his own political web page for RvB as slash subpage (sodiumhaze. Com or org cant remember ) it was last year. Was hell out of challenge for me to prevent it. I asked help from miri to convince him thats NO GO.

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You can’t expect CCP to dictate who runs a corp. But you can start a new corp.


This EVE, people get backstabbed all the time. Why is this special and on GD instead of C&P?


Reform. WvB. Oh boy :laughing:

This all happened out of game. Not in game . Only result reflected and decided what happen in game. When i commited to play this game i know lying cheating backstabbing part of the game . I was PVP player. I agreed on these but i didnt agree to left my human rights at the door. Announced as mentally physically sick person while i wasnt . I didnt agree on have life threats … smear campaigns and suddely isolated from hundreds of people i know for a decade… they suddenly couldnt reach out to me …when they asked irl. They have been lied by Rvb management. Then those people banned and blocked from RvB discords by blaming being my alts …and then they begin to talk to each other …even people who doesnt know what happened… they got angry for treatment.
I do fully agree CCP shouldnt interfere game. But they did already . I had been told to stay awsy from RvB space and do not interactvwith RvB by all means. I quit. Because i cant trust anymore . I havent run these projectd in EvE for profit purpose everything was for behalf of comunity . After i have invested 6000 euro for new player experience and run a project actually works. Just requires lot of hard work and compassion . Which i had plenty …Now i see its dead…i cant . People still calling me in. We have lot of fun we shared happiness and bitter moments …I do understand . I miss EvE alot too. But i cant . They want it… they got it … and they ■■■■ it
Now they all step down from leadership because they dont want to be the captain of the ship they sinked

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Didn’t he already quit EVE or something? Or is this about something that happened before that? :thinking:

war is peace comrade

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She… im not a man :slight_smile: but i wonder how i didnt grow a dick in EvE online last ten years :slight_smile: wassup man … you small dick … umm … giggles… no these happened before i quit …then i went silent … after that over time more and more people learn indirectly … people couldnt reach out to me … they get banned and blocked… more and more begin to make their way and i think now they are reacting … not all of them old pilots there was also many new pilots knows me … so it explains bit OP s suggestion is not something an old vet offer…

So now there is a common joke within pilots … because of many blamed by bein my alts in discord … now they all say they are my alts lol … After Vision announced RvB closed the recruitment and leadership step down . i dive in channel and bet with people they wont understand its actually me :slight_smile: and they didnt untill i just reveal and screw them tight … and have lot of fun… %99 percent of people they kick ban was not me … they went totally hysterical… remove peoples messages . Cencor everything… Kick ban everbody who doesnt obey visions whims.

Also you might be my alt too … and all those people are my alts according to them… im mentally sick and talking here myself


I’ve seen some of the folks I respected from RvB flying around in FW corps, and some I’ve just not seen at all.

I guess this is why.

I’d offer to request to have this moved to the proper sub forum (C&P), but if it’s me requesting, that pretty much guarantees it will not get moved.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Do you really not see the obvious solution?

Start Green. Orange… yellow. I don’t care. Pick a color.

What you have before you is what Eve boomers call ‘opportunity’.


going roundabout level pro. What stopped your from creating another corp, discord server, website? I don’t have slightest idea about whole case and it seams like you don’t care to explain from the start to people from outside. Still, bottom line is that complaining on forums about stuff that happened outside game will give you nothing positive. Only will dig hole even bigger