Taking Red vs Blue Back to Its Roots

Dear friends of RvB,

Recently RVB go under management change and taken over by the veteran pilots who are loyal to RVB’ s tradition and legacy. After 3 years ruled as a low sec piracy /FW corporation , perma purple on…. We moved RvB to Liekuri and Otela back and ended perma purple heresy…

We are warmly inviting you to contribute thoughts and ideas to our strategic planning process. This will decide how RvB grows and operates for the next two years. We will be holding two further community meetings in RvB Discord https://discord.gg/tbn2HyJ :

9 August 2020 Sunday

16 August 2020 Sunday

Everyone connected to RvB is encouraged to complete this simple online questionnaire also and ask to be kept in touch:

RvB has a rich tradition within Eve and belongs to its community - make sure you have your say in how it is run"


Bump for great justice

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This is great! Ill be there.

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