Returning Player looking to add a RVB component to existing corp or alliance

Hello fellow spacenerds. I’m a pacific time zone returning player who can be very active, involved and has the most fun while playing with other people and helping grow corps/alliances. I’m currently interested in adding a Red-vs-Blue component to a null or low sec alliance. This would be used both for training as well as fun/enjoyment. I would personally fund a considerable portion of this program as well as schedule and plan the different events.

Why don’t I just join RVB as is? Because they’re already established and I want to be involved in leadership and the fun of growing the program from scratch.

Things to know:

  • I am not an FC, and need to get back into learning the ropes a bit since I’m a returning player, I’d ideally like to partner with someone more experienced in PVP - I just want to help with growing the program and helping newer players
  • I don’t want to be an f1 monkey. Honestly I think the whole “everyone get in the same ship and follow the leader” tactics need to die in a fire. I get why it’s used, and it’s sometimes necessary, but I prefer small gang roams and creative gameplay.
  • If you aren’t open to including me in overall strategy or direction of corp/alliance growth, I’m not interested. I work for well-funded startups in real life and get the most fulfillment from being included in the big picture stuff.
  • If I find a good situation with good people, I will be incredibly loyal and giving.
  • For isk-making, I like a variety of things but mostly exploration and abyssal sites - would love to also setup scheduled group abyssal events with training and free ships. (I’m not that great, again would love to partner with more experienced players if I can help setup the structure)
  • Only really considering small-medium sized corps or alliances that have good logistics in null or lowsec. Open to discussing whether the RVB component is in high sec or null, but I’d like to option of nullsec life in general.
  • I just recently got back into the game and joined a very small corp quickly, unfortunately there’s not really the size or interest there for me to continue, hence this forum post.

Any other questions, please reach out.

I just want to make sure I got your bullet points here right because I’m having trouble wrapping my head around them.

You want to be in leadership, helping see the big picture but not contributing by FCing, creating content, actually doing the logistics yourself, by not participating in fleets towards corporation and alliance goals because you don’t want to push f1 in a fleet (I recommend moving weapons to f2 to make yourself feel more important), and then you want to have some Red Vs Blue component that doesn’t exist outside of RVB and is why RVB is so widely known; because it’s absolutely unique.

Did I get this right?

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Almost, let me clarify:

  • If you think all leadership = only FCing skills, then yes I guess your assessment is correct. True leaders will hopefully recognize an ability to know my limits and contribute in other areas, as well as learn to get to a point of FC capability.
  • I would absolutely participate in fleets, have before many times - as I said in my first post, I get that it’s sometimes necessary, and sometimes fun. If the sole extent of your time in eve is spent doing that however, with no imagination or even interest in other activities or tactics, that is the main thing I’d like to avoid
  • Yes I’d like to start a RVB component, the core concept of what they are doing isn’t magic. Do you mean to say that once a corp does a thing once, no other corp can do that thing? Do you think I mean that I want an exact copy of RVB from day one? Surely other readers of this thread will have some imagination of how this might play out in a productive fashion.

Hopefully that helps add some nuance and clarity, but thank you for the reductive interpretation to force me to expound on it. It probably goes without saying that anyone interpreting my post in the manner you displayed probably isn’t a good fit, which is exactly why I phrased it the way I did to weed out the toxic couch monsters and try to find the more positive-minded and creative folk here who are willing to try new things

You’re not going to be a good fit anywhere, tbh. You want power, but you don’t want to work for it. You don’t want to be the spear of anything. Multiple times you’ve mentioned, “I’d do xxx, but someone else should do it, but I want to shape the corps vision”. Anyway, best of luck with the pseudo-intellectual doublespeak and the non-witty attempt at a deflection for what is obviously someone who wants power but doesn’t want to actually contribute. No FC, no logistics, no management, no actual robust idea, or even realistic idea, on an implementation towards a mechanic that is singularly unique for a reason. It’s not unique because only one corp can do it, it’s unique because it’s a metric fuckton of work, requires a CONSTANT comittment to bringing in players, organizing the fights, and leading the people into the fights. But, since you said you’re not interested in any of that, it’s a bit bewildering that you’re now trying to aggrandize the idea. Anyway, best of luck.


You obviously missed the part where I literally said I would do the metric fuckton of work to get it started, including funding it, scheduling events, planning, etc… I don’t know how else to say I will spearhead the effort other than that. You listed off all the things I said I would want to help with: logistics, management, I do actually have a robust idea, and implementing the mechanic is, again, not some magical thing. I’m sure that will be clear to other readers of this thread. Me being honest about not being an FC, and wanting to collaborate with other people more skilled than I am should be a clear sign of collaboration and the opposite of “wanting power”

For anyone else reading or needing further clarity, I suppose I should spell it out:

  • I do not expect to solely dictate anything, the whole point and fun of this game is playing with other people.
  • I’d like to contribute in tangible and helpful ways to plan, schedule, fund and execute various activities, some of which would be part of a RVB program.
  • I do not mind participating in larger fleets, just prefer small gang stuff.
  • I know my limits and want to work with other people who know more than me.

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