The Red vs Blue Revival Story

This was posted on reddit a couple of days ago by me. Now that it’s out there, I figured why not post it here. I will copy paste the post, but just so everyone knows, we have already started operations and are under way with our plans and ships and members coming in!

I don’t know where else to go for this, nor do I really know how to say this, so I’m just going to give it my best shot. Please read in full before making up your mind.

Hello everyone. I won’t reveal who I am but some may know me. Eve is a complicated game. And those who play it all know it’s not fun alone. I’ve had a lot of bad luck when it comes to alliances or corps in general. The places I join often close down not long after, or just simply aren’t very helpful. Out of my almost 7 years of playing eve, I’ve only felt loved and involved in only 2 places. One of those places was the Red vs Blue alliance. Not only was their community so loving and kind and open to people who didn’t know much like myself, but the whole concept of what they had was like nothing I’d seen before. Some veterans of the game may remember them.

Before they closed, I was an FC with them. Unfortunately, I didn’t have this position for long before RvB just became a museum. Ever since leaving them, I have barely touched the game, but had no choice but to go somewhere else since there are no more operations.

But due to this experience I had with them, I tried a revival. I don’t have very many friends in eve anymore, many left the game, and I know with CCP’s recent announcements more will leave too. I’ve been an alpha clone for years now and honestly I still enjoy the game. I tried to revive RvB. I spoke to the person who still holds all their shares and who claims he is being their ‘caretaker,’ as the name of RvB matters a lot to him. Which I understand. But he’s not willing to let go of something he once had to let someone else have a go.

What am I saying? I want to restart RvB in a new setting. A new alliance, a new discord, where power is not hung over anyone’s head. Where there is no bad blood between members. Where problems are the past are left just there, the past. A community where you don’t need to feel stressed. A place of endless content, no matter your clone state. A place where we can fight against each other, and yet also together. I am definitely not experienced enough in eve to be a CEO of an idea so grand. That’s why I’m happy to give the CEO position to someone I think is fair and genuine. I won’t hold onto the shares either. If I give you the corp, it’s yours to run. I simply ask to be in a position of leadership and assist with factors such as recruiting, as I’ve been in leadership positions in many corps before too. But in general, these are some of my ideas, and I’ll probably have many more, this was only after a couple of nights of thinking:-RvB will be under one alliance instead of 2, so we don’t have to worry about not having logi anymore. Friendly fire will be on so we can still fight each other, even in high sec. I’m relatively sure that Concord won’t intervene if we have friendly fire on, but if they do, we’ll move over to low-sec for RvB’s classic brawls.-The primary source of income is a big concern to all, especially with recent announcements from CCP. For this, I propose incursions. A part of the game relatively untouched, can easily make up to 150 mill per hour, and that’s not even including loyalty points, which only after 40 hours of incursions can get you several billion. This can easily be used to fund ships, and if the alliance grows large enough, even gives us a chance to have our own incursion wing, just like Eve University. This will allow us to offer ships to newbros and even older players who may not have as much funds as they did before, while allowing players to fund their own expeditions.-Activity: a lot of people are concerned for activity as many people are focused on real life issues currently. Completely understandable. RL always comes first. Which is why I propose that we offer bi-weekly events or even monthly events, so that way people don’t feel all too stressed out to join, and can simply make some time every now and then for a little while to blow stuff up.-Our home would be High sec, because quite frankly I find null sec boring, overrated, and not worth the effort it takes, since it’s mostly just controlled by big coalitions anyways, and being in high sec would allow us to be close to trade hubs for easy access to ships.

What do I need? Dedicated loyal people. You don’t need to have years of experience. Hell you don’t even need to have the game yet, you can be brand new, but for this to work, I need numbers. I’m not looking for power or fame. I’m not even stating my name. I just simply want to revive a place who’s idea I think deserves to live on, and to create a community I once loved and do my best to fix its flaws.

I’ve already made a discord. It’s fully made in terms of channels and roles, but still needs information plugged into them. If anyone is interested in even trying this out with me, shoot me a DM on reddit. I’ll send you my discord or my eve and we can talk there. If you have questions, you can do the same. I’m here to revive something that deserves to exist without anyone holding power over our heads or making it impossible to implement change. I want to be progressive. I don’t know how many people we’ll need, but if we could even get a group of 10-20 people just to start with, I will happily start tomorrow. I just need some people to sign their names and be on board with my crazy idea. I hope to see you there. o7.

Since it seems many are interested, here is the discord invite: Shark vs Bear

Great idea! bear 4 lyfe

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