The Red vs Blue Revival Story Part 3: Sharks vs Bears. 1.5 months in, what's next?

A month and a half ago, I revealed an ambitious plan to revive one of the best experiences many in this game had the pleasure to come across, including myself. Many thought it was too big a project, too difficult to do, and wished me luck. After 44 days, I bring you this report:

Firstly, I’d like everyone to know our links.

Public Channel: SvB Public Channel
Our Discord: Sharks vs Bears

Secondly, what I have to report, is success. From the kindness of our community and those who just want to wish us well, we have managed to expand our operations to points I used to only dream of. We have managed to achieve excellence. Together, we have created a community that allows you to experience every aspect of Eve Online and it’s crazy quirks. From small gang pvp, all the way to a recently made industrial wing, we have the opportunity to experience all the game offers.

Our community has been ever expanding, with 40 people in the group now, and almost daily content, here’s what I have to show you all: our weekly stats. In the attached image, you can see how many kills our boys and girls get. We provide some of the best and most fun PvP out there. Our FC’s are mixed with first time flyers and veterans of the game for the best growing experience. And best of all, all you need to do to join, is as simple as 2 clicks. Join our discord, send an application in the game. It really is that simple.

Furthermore, we have developed a loyalty point program. The more kills you get, the more loyalty points you get with SvB, which you can exchange to get free ships, modules, skins, you name it! We have one of the most amazing communities out there, with countless donations to our cause, making all of this gift giving and free giveaways possible.

Still hesitant on joining? No problem! Come fly with one of our joint public fleets as an experiment. Or, you could view our future livestreams on any one of these channels:

-Lienshi - YouTube

You can also read what one of our members (who’s a partner by the way!) has to say about the matter: Sharks vs Bears – Sustainable War » Quafe (This is translated from German, please excuse grammatical mistakes)

So, what have we done? When everyone else gave up on a beloved concept, we kept it alive. And not only that, but now we’re thriving. We are expanding our operations to include cruisers. We have extremely non restrictive rules, but want everyone a fair chance to play the game and have fun. We have more alpha skill plans than omega ones. We value everyone. We welcome everyone. You can fly from your very first day if you use a referral code for 1 million free skill points. I can hands down say this is one of the best places in Eve. Not because of the concept alone, but because of the people who have made this possible. By our wonderful members, who never give up, to always show up smiling, who always make it a good time.

I would further like to announce, that in the middle of August, SvB will be holding a tournament, which only our members can join for now, which will be streamed on twitch, with over 2 billion worth of prizes to give away to all participants, and even more to the top 4, as well as a special bronze, silver, and gold medal that will be awarded to the winners. The exact date of this will be revealed in our discord, and it’s not too late to join up until the start of the event! Throughout the months of August and September, we also have many public fleets planned, one of which being a null filament where we will all FFA to the death with frigates (that we will hand out if needed!) but you can also bring your own fits! We’re also planning game shows, public roams, and so much more. Our love of eve is never ending. Our community knows no limits. As amazing as we have done, there is always more work ahead of us. We are young, and we are excited.

We have destroyed over 30 billion isk worth of ships in just 44 days. With 40 members. For now, we are small. Slowly, we grow. Slowly, we turn the once forgotten adventure into a soon to be paragon in the community. With these final words, I leave you with our killboards and a special battle report of a joint fleet of several SvB members, to show you what we fly, where we fly, and how much god damn fun we have.

Bear Confederacy: Bear Confederacy | Corporation | zKillboard

Shark Coalition: Shark Coalition | Corporation | zKillboard

We are Sharks vs Bears, and we are here to blow your minds…and your ships. Join us! Oh, and this is our new logo :slight_smile:


The green screen display is almost irresistable!
That’s what the Minmatar local should look like.

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