Sharks vs Bears - The eternal war rages

Sharks vs Bears (SvB) are 2 corporations locked in an eternal mutual war. It is our goal to provide a fun space for people who just want to PvP because they enjoy the fight. Those of you who were in RvB, yes we are trying to replicate the fun environment that was found there.

Why Should I join:
Being able to undock and get a fair fight is just fun.

Want to learn PvP in a stress free environment?
Because our whole thing is fighting each other in a friendly rivalry you will find fair fights and a place to practise and learn the fundamentals without any pressure.

For those experienced players out there. You will get a fight it will be fairly well balanced no more chasing fleets that won’t take the fight unless they have 2:1 numbers

If you don’t feel like committing your main. Start an alpha alt and have fun fighting while you wait for content on your main.

So why not give us a try

Join our discord here: Sharks vs Bears
And reach out to a recruiter

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Come join us and have some fun! :smiley:

Still recruiting come and give it a go

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up we go, come join us and have some fun killing each other!

bumpity bump, come join us for people to shoot at :slight_smile:

come check us out :smiley:

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