RvB Recruitment Spot

RvB (Red Federation and Blue Republic) are united in endless war, faction war, and non-stop PvP (player vs player) combat across mostly US and EU/UK timezones in EVE Online.

Pack up your mining tools and join us. Connect to channel R-v-B in-game to talk to us and grab an invite to our active discord server.

Recruitment video: https://youtu.be/PkLbnSYxSYg

FAQ for potential recruits: can be found here

Cl4rCE o7

Calling all new bros! (and returning vets), this evening RvB are hosting a free event as a helpful intro to PvP with extra prizes - inc free PLEX!

More info here on reddit.

Be great to see you all there.

Cl4rCE o7

Is this group still fairly active? I’m thinking of joining- but I’m pretty inexperienced with PvP.

They are very active. Just go look at zkill. One of the most active communities in Eve, and considering they’ve been in a state of perpetual war for a decade, I’d say both the blue AND the red machines are unstoppable.

Nothing will stop them.

Except The Code.

The code? As in, CODE.?

Get out

You people are highsec mining in Orcas!

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