Red vs Blue - Fast, affordable PvP action - most fun per hour in Eve

Fleet fights in Todaki tonight in good ole t1 frigs - free for all the family. Have you not joined us yet? Still open to applications!

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We’re set to the light the weekend on fire!

(And Lonetrek too)

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Another super day of RvB action. Everything from humble t1 frigs right up to Battleships. We remain open for applications.

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Lol vision… night is not over old man ! Tears coming down and havin stomache pains here laughin the ass of in comms :stuck_out_tongue: . I needs to sleep ffs figting sinco downtime like 15 hours? I need to sleep… half fleet tired drunk … trying to get themselves killed but still alive ! Ypu missing tjis man :rofl:

Battle reports suggest many billions blown up in RvB space over the weekend. We remain open to applications from discerning gamers.

We’re preparing for a bumper weekend of Battlecruiser (and below) brawls with RvB…

Recruiters are online throughout.

Nobody has blown up more ships than us and we have launched the careers of many of Eve’s finest PvP pilots and FC’s.

Looking forward to seeing you in local very soon.

great frig fights tonight - two new fc’s stepped up.

We are still open to applications.