Reddit Eve Online have gone private

One man tried.

I think he fc’s in Snuffed out now.

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Just for clarification, I went looking for a reputable sauce and mostly found rumor mongering on forums. And the only official stuff I could find was extremely short on details.

What I do know is that this is being politicized, so you might want to take what you hear with a grain of salt.

Nice, now EVE-O forums will be main forums.
Lets have victory march!


Its only being politicised because the wretch was an active member of nearly every left wing political party.

So it was politicised by themselves, reddit & those parties many of whom still harbour nut jobs at senior levels ie, Labour’s Harriet Harman QC.

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I second that !!!

Until they hire they to thought police us.

Took me all of 2 minutes to learn of this and figure out the how and why. Explain to me why this needs a thread of outrage an… Oh wait, a muted troll made this thread.

Move on.

How is this a troll post? I’m sorry you feel trolled by reality, blue pill more maybe?

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New Labour, Greens and LibDems are not left wing parties.

By definition LibDems especially

Well ok symantics Ramona.

Anyway to play devil advocate the scumbag was also booted from every one of them. The tineframe it took was pretty shambolic & behviour currently seems nuts but I think due process might carry a lot of weight as a future defence to it.

The neutering of posts is bizzare but no one sane should expect an instant dismissal without process regardless of the shambolic hire.

I’d love to be the ceo that goes into H.R and says, “review this hire, then when done review your own.”.


And no, literal.

Dont be such an anti-semant

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Oy vey, the spelling nazi is here.

Getting semantics confused with literal untruths isnt spelling.

So you would not categorise the labour party, lib dems and greens as left wing ie, left of centre?

I am genuinely confused what untruth are you refering to?

Is it some hyperbole about these party not being left of centre?

It has nothing to do with what I categorise them as.

Tbh its not like me pointing out where your posts are inaccurate is going to get this dumpsterfire thread thats already in several violations closed down any faster.

That would be politics, which Im not able to discuss due to forum rules.

However, none of the three parties that I referenced by name are politically left wing, the lIberal Democrats by basis of their own manifesto as well asl actions vOv

Im going to assume you arent from the UK

In b4 lock. Couldn’t care less about reddit.

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You want this thread closed then piss off to reddit, they are nuking them there fine enougth.

Welcome refugee’s of reddit, fear not the shadow ban here.

Again, you just cant help but be wrong.

No, I said the ISDs will close this thread because (not looking at you but you) made it political.

End of.

The reason r/eve is possibly closed & the reason other r/'s are closed is defenitively political. People are wondering why their internet spaceship reddits & knitting sub reddits are dead, I provided the reason its not my fault its political.

You could make the statement of ‘it’s a politically motivated situation; due to forum rules I cannot discuss the details here, but a Google search for the following terms will let you do your own research’.

Providing helpful information while following forum rules is totally possible!