New EVE Forum

If a new forum opened up online for you to share about EVE and had no ISD censure, would you go use it and participate?

  • Yes
  • No

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rip /eog/

In b4 :closed_lock_with_key:

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It already exists:


She’s talking about an uncensored forum, boobie.

No ISD censure doesn’t mean no uncensored.

You think posting porn would be acceptable for example?


That’s what I’m talking about. no censorship.
Those who would post porn would be banned from forum for ever according to IP address, as they do on many many forum.

Lol. No censorship, except for the censorship.

It’s impossible to make an uncensored forum. It just can’t exist (and IP banning has very limited effectiveness).


Banning porn from a discussion forum isn’t censorship.

Source missing.

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Reddit is crap. Never used it.


Then what would you call it if a forum has rules about acceptable content and removes content that isn’t acceptable?

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Narh, I’m good.

Depends on the content. Uncensored forum allow for going off topic, swearing and insults but porn is in a category all its own.

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So you’re saying there should be some kind of moderation to censor off topic posts and put them in the right category?


No I’m not saying there should be anything. All I’m saying is that Snowflake Sally is talking about an uncensored forum. That is all. It’s Scipio who extrapolated, not me.

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Snowflake Sally is talking about a forum uncensored by ISD. You’re the one talking about an uncensored forum. There’s a difference.


Yes, but only EVE forum has ISD so if I create another seperate forum it can’t possibly have ISD even if I wanted it to.
So you’re both correct… except for the porn issue. M’fune is correct in that porn is in a category all its own.
And my forum would have swearing and insults and off topic posts without someone locking threads for whatever reason ( ISD close thread and they NEVER mention specifically why it was locked, all they do is list the rules over and over and over without giving explanations, how convenient ).

I just want to old Eve forum that I had when I started in 2010.

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Another biased cancer reddit?

No tx, I prefer ISD over null sec tards (and this will get moderated, totally justified).

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How is it impossible?
That doesn’t make any sense to me mainly because it easier to make one without having to make a mechanism to to ban or block people…