Reddit Eve Online have gone private

Can someone please enlighten me?

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You could probably Google reddit drama and find out. There’s likely a reason for it.

Well I am not sure that was the reason r/eve went dark.

The reason Bernie is alluding to & the one which will see you instantly banned of Reddit is this,

Reddit hired a new employee to focus on childrens issues on the platform.

The employee is called “Aimee” Challenor, they are transexual. Previously while running in the Green UK political party they hired a convicted pedophile to assist the party, their father.

Then while running works for the UK Liberal democrats they hired another pedophile their “husband”.

They have now been hired by reddit, if you post or link to any of the above facts it appears your reddit account is terminated. People have stated losing reddit accounts for even just reading the above.

This has effected admins of sub reddits who have had accounts deleted. Many admins have went into private to protect users as simply reading regarding this employee can trigger a ban on reddit.

I for one am no longer using the forum site reddit. This is not a meme or troll.


Reddit hired a transexual who has been alledged to be a pedophile, a person who previously hired convicted pedophiles & is married to a pedophile to spearhead development of childrens issues on their platform.

This is not a troll or a meme.


Oh no! What should we do?! :scream:

(I guess I’ll just continue not looking at that echo chamber as I’ve done for a long time now. So much less drama to worry about!)


Well, the problem for me is rather that you see much more information from CCP there than you see in their own forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I don’t feel like registering there.

Yawn… reddit drama

It won’t change it. You can’t access it anyway. And I personally hope it will stay closed


but but…the meme’s. Some of them were funny especially with the delve stuff.

The beacon provides got me me to laugh on some rough days. OPen broadcast beacons and blind jumps…all these years that still works.

Fitting section will not be missed. Did you go here? well yes I did…and saw 20 ships the very definition of crapfit.


I hope it’s a bunch of drama :popcorn: :laughing:


Now if we can just get EVE twitter shut down, we might actually get CCP posting here in the official forum again.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


best idea ever! :+1:


Your avatar looks young I suggest you relax that yawn somewhat while on reddit anyway.

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I can not believe it.

An advocate for a cause turns out to be the exact thing the cause fights against?

Me so shocked.


This would explain while my coworker was bent out of shape one day with the feed he works on. accounts deleted and not sure who did it and getting calls on it.

Not sure if I should tell them this part though. KInd of a bible thumper populated thread and he isn’t very lgbtq friendly if you follow.

Maybe tell him friday quiting time. I am off next week and out of office so if triggered, well, I will be sleeping in tent on a camping trip so not my headache to deal with.

But I like the other net admin too much to do that to leave him that mess I think.

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I love it TBH. reddit has such a bad rep. They had a bad rep before they had an eve subreddit. And what eventually drew me there?

Eve posts. I would google an Eve related subject that would come up with much more intelligent and well articulated posts. Everyone likes to mention how foul reddit is, but it was the toxicity of the Eve forums that drove people there in the first place. Which made the bittervets more bitter.


I`ve read a scrabble board that made more sense.


I deleted it, I forgot this was eve online forum & not a reddit post :slight_smile:


Wtf is Reddit ?


Reddit is a place where the men are men, the woman are men & children are FBI agents or currency.


I wonder if it is possible to unf**k western society.

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