Refund policy for Fanfest?

Does anyone know what is the refund policy for Fanfest tickets? I’ve bought Early Bird tickets, but I’m not able to attend now.

Get in touch with CCP and explain the problem, same with the ticket sellers.

Apparently all tickets are now sold out so it should be easy for them to re-sell them.

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Use contact options at the bottom here: EVE Fanfest 2023 - Celebrate 20 Years of EVE Tickets, Reykjavík | Eventbrite

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Thank you, @ISD_Drew ! I’ve now used the contact option at the bottom of that page and I’m awaiting response.

If you can’t get a refund, I might buy one off you.

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I’ve sent the request to CCP and expecting an answer in 4 business days (that’s what it said on the contact form). I’ll drop you an eve mail when I get the response.

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