Regarding Senator Bellaron's Proposal

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #71

Yet, the current President expresses sentiments such as:

“to return the Gallente Federation to the greatness that has been its undoubted destiny from the moment our peoples united to realize the historic project of universal freedom.”

At their own inauguration. Institutional reforms mean little if the essential culture that creates mistrust remains so prevalent within the Federation. The belief in a “manifest destiny” of the Federation has always been arrogance and the pursuit of power cloaked with noble intentions.

It remains a consistent belief, and so long as it does, and remains popular enough that Federal expansion of power must come at the expense of other societies in the name of “universal freedom” then the Federation will always be resisted in that attempt by those who value their own dignity.

(Rinai Vero) #72

You mean it will come at the expense of social constructs that degrade the dignity of individuals in order to entrench the power of oppressive establishments. You see the “destiny” of the Federation as an attempt to impose Gallente cultural hegemony over New Eden. We see it as a guarantee that one day every human being will have the opportunity to pursue their utmost potential free from the bonds of corporate servitude, slavery, or poverty.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #73

Great job freeing yourself from corporate servitude with corporate interests engaged in the politics of lobbying and campaign finance of candidates to influence policy in the Federation.

(Jason Galente) #74

You’re not always wrong, yeah.

(Rinai Vero) #75

Was this supposed to be clever?

Every GalFed loyalist who has participated in this discussion has openly acknowledged that the Federation’s reach often exceeds its grasp when it comes to living up to our ideals. What you throw as a barb at us in your contempt for the Federation, my friend Aedre (and others) would already condemn twice as eloquently out of love for it.

(Rinai Vero) #76

By the way, we haven’t solved poverty either. But we are making progress.

(James Syagrius) #77

A thoughtful question.

The Federal Charter concerns itself with the rights of the Federations constituent member states.

Thus within the Federation, the ample variety of local autonomous units, literally from practical anarchy to monarchy.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #78

No, it was supposed to be correct.

The promissory notes of doing better in the future mean nothing with the Federation’s hypocrisies of the present. You try to present yourself as the saviours against corporate rule yet it’s Gallentean Megacorporations who wield influence and power in the Federation in accordance to their own interests via lobbying and campaign finance of political candidates when they’re not offering the revolving door of public offices into private business.

You even decry Caldari business leaders involved in political governance while electing a Gallentean business leader to the office of President to manage the political governance of the Federation.

Overreach? Hardly. The only place the Federation is trying to reach is other people’s pockets and trying to convince them it’s for a good cause.

(Rinai Vero) #79

A failure on all counts then. Corporate influence in the Federation causes many problems, but a citizen of the Federation is always guaranteed the protection of fundamental human rights under our Constitution. It was that denial of basic individual rights to the citizens of Megacorporate colonies that we Gallente decried, not the participation of business leaders in politics.

What we decry today isn’t the wealth and power of Caldari Megacorporate CEOs. It is the oppression of all those Caldari people who have been denied a voice in shaping the destiny of the State under who’s power they serve. You invoke the example of Jacus Roden as if his success in enterprise makes him no different than the Caldari Mega CEOs. But the fundamental difference between them is that very election process you mention so briefly.

We gallente are not servants of Jacus Roden, or his shipyard conglomerate. As President, he is the servant of the public which elected him in a process open to all citizens of the Federation.

As long as the Caldari State denies individual representation to its people it will be the State, not the Federation, who is an enemy to those who value dignity.

(Jev North) #80

Can all citizens of the Federation actually run in one of these things, too?

Realistically, I think it helps to have a shipyard conglomerate.

How free are you if everything you get to choose between is already picked out for you?

(Rinai Vero) #81

More free than the guy who gets no choice on either matter, anyway. Your point would be more valid if there wasn’t such ample evidence of diversity among the backgrounds of Federation candidates for elected office. Hell, Souro Foiritan was just a grad student who enjoyed student government when he started his political career.

(Jev North) #82

You think someone is born a Megacorp CEO?

(Aria Jenneth) #83

Uh … actually, kinda, yes, Jev. If you’d picked any other position, including the board, I’d have said no, but the “Chief Executive” caste is made up pretty much exclusively of the descendants of great heroes and historical figures of one kind and another.

It’s the one segment of society the child of a laborer has basically no hope of attaining, whatever their gifts, at least without becoming a “great hero” themselves.

(Tressith Sefira) #84

Would it be possible for people to start a separate “The Federation is the worst” thread? Aedre intended this thread to discuss a specific piece of legislation in the Senate. Thanks.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #85

Yet, as regards currently sitting CEO, neither Hataakan Oiritsuu nor Mens Reppola came from Executive families.

The only places where entrenched family dynasties exist are in Wiyrkomi and Hyasyoda, and that’s a function of their corporate cultures.

Off-Topic Thread
(Aria Jenneth) #86

I didn’t say family dynasties, Fake Veik. I said that you can’t get elevated to the Chief Executive caste by normal means. There’s a bit of a difference.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #87

Chief Executives are appointed by the shareholders, which is the regular means to do so.

(Aria Jenneth) #88

There’s a caste, Veik. As with so much else in Caldari society. And you know as well as I, neither we nor anyone we’re likely to know was ever going to be invited to that particular tier. How the Ishukone leadership arrived at its station is one of those mysteries.

The State might be more meritocratic than other societies. But it has its celebrities-- I’d even say nobles, still. Who better to figurehead a major State entity than someone who traces their line to K’vire or Tovil-Toba.

Pedigree has a merit all its own. And you know it.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #89

Resting on the laurels of past success has never spared any Executive their failures of management. Even former CEO Heth with his liberation of the Homeworld could not survive once his mismanagement of Kaalakiota was made known.

The reason why a corporate Executive in the State is afforded respect is not because of their pedigree or caste, it’s their ability to survive in one of the harshest political arenas.

I sure would not trust to be lead by anyone without the strength of will and ruthlessness required to rise to power as a CEO of a Caldari Mega.

(Aria Jenneth) #90

Gods and spirits …

Heth wasn’t an “even.” Heth wasn’t from a great family to start with. Heth was a temporary aberration the great families definitely relished getting rid of-- and who made it super-easy for them by balancing his re-taking of Home with half-losing it again after ordering it doomsdayed and forcing the admiral who heroically refused that order to take tea. (Now there is a foundation for a great family, if Admiral Yanala has kin.)

As for who you’d trust to lead, Veik, nobody asked you. Or me.

The world is as it is. Accept it or come out as jaalan, I really don’t care.