Remnants of War - Null-sec ֎ Industrial ֎ 1% Rat Tax ֎ Private Moon Mining ֎ Imperium Blue


(ParaPants) #21

We are where you should be. Come join us.

(Allison Reoul) #22

Free Exotic dancers are loaded into your ship once you join the club!

(ParaPants) #23

We are open for new members that want to make the most out of this game.

(ParaPants) #24

Looking for a new home…give us a try.

(ParaPants) #25

You found the right opportunity. The question is will you knock on our door? (correct answer is: Yes)

(ParaPants) #26

We’ve been making a bunch of ISK…what have you been doing? Come see what you are missing.

(ParaPants) #27

And here is another bump.