Remnants of War - Null-sec ֎ Industrial ֎ 1% Rat Tax ֎ Private Moon Mining ֎ Imperium Blue


(ParaPants) #61

Remnants of War is recruiting.

(Corporate Buyer) #62

Hi, interested in join. Already send an eve mail, enter in discord but dont see recruiters online.

(ParaPants) #63

Are you the Indy type…Would you like a safe place to call home…We have all the bells and whistles…Come check us out.

(ParaPants) #64

For PVE we offer 6+ havens, DED marketplace, a 1% tax rate, and a Keepstar in system to dock larger ships.

(ParaPants) #65

For miners we offer 5 lucrative moons, an ice belt in system along with enormous ore belts and T2 rigged refineries. No corp mining taxes.

(ParaPants) #66

Remnants of War was formed to bring like-minded players together for comradery and mutual benefits. We offer a huge host of services for players wanting to grow their presence on Eve. We would like to share our nul sec infrastructure and knowledge to help you succeed, and in turn, help our corporation grow. We have US and EU players, but all are welcome.

(Allison Reoul) #67

We are still up and seeking new interrested players.
Join in on the fun now :smiley: