Remove thread. extracting char and burning the corpse

located in jita 4-4 , noob corp.

multiple clones , 2 mid- grade crystal pods, 1 asklepian.

all battleship skills v + support skills

all sub cap skills frigates, destroyers, cruisers, bc’s, all v plus gunnery support.

trading skills all there for ease of trading.

all t3c’s level 4 with 5 subsystems.

had offers in game from old corp mates, but will sell when im ready or the price has been reached.

low ballers welcomed as free bumps, fly reckless, unless that loki catches you ;’)

bumpies , so a lot of eve has been down lately , but don’t let that discourage you from putting offers on here, been offered in game 3 times now, wont disclose the amount it defeats the object of selling chars on forums .

have fun be reckless :wink:

100 bil

no longer for sale, extracting and burning the corpse .

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