Renegade Outcasts is looking for new or old and returning players/corps to join us!

Hi, Renegade Outcasts is a PVP/Indy/PVE oriented alliance looking for members of all walks of EVE life! We firmly believe that IRL comes first, communication is important, and that anyone can become what they want to be in EVE if they put their mind to it! If you are a USTZ or EUTZ we want you!

Here is a few things we offer our members:

  • PVP content regularly through roams, CTA’s, and or content fleets

  • A pretty robust indy set up with up to capital production

  • Moons to mine with access to R64, R32 for the alliance R16, and R4 for corps (For now)

  • SOV Null space to call home and make that dank ISK

A little about us:

We are a fairly new alliance led by pilots with years of eve experience under our belt. We have a strong leadership that looks out and cares for our members. We like to basically have fun and enjoy what the Eve universe has to offer! We are Big Bloc Neutral and have no intention on having any part of Big Bloc Wars or fights. We are mainly USTZ with a little EUTZ.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining OCAST feel free to reach out to

In game or discord

fordboy1983 Alliance CO/Diplo

Cali Babe in game my_gaming_tv on discord Alliance XO/Diplo