The Outcast's - Small And Growing Indy Corp

The Outcast’s is currently, in High Sec while we build up more members, we plan to move back to null again. We are highly focused on Mining, Manufacturing and Industry. We also delve a little in PVP. We also accept Alpha Players!

Our members are very friendly and we have members on at different times during the day and night so you will not have to worry about time zone being an issue, but we do request that you have discord if you plan to join our corp.

We can offer you a lot of things such as:
• Ship Replacement Program (SRP)
• Mentors
• Ore Buyback program
• Skillbooks
• Fitted Ships
If interested please contact me in game: Davidd Olacar

Still open for recruitement

Still open for recruitement

Still recruiting

Hello David, I represent Orbital Fux, an alliance that has a good focus on PVP and self sufficiently living in null. We are looking for more corporations and players to join our alliance! Give me a shout here or in game if interested in joining us!

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