Renters Unite


Hello fellow renters lend me your ears…

I am a renter, I have been in a rented position for over 3 years and I like it. I like the freedom it gives me to feel like I am building my own empire. The best thing I enjoy about it tough is building a legitimate community of people.

I want to try and create a platform where renting corporation and alliances can communicate freely, I want to help forge a wider community of players not just within my corporation or alliance but outside of that. We make up a sizeable part of the subscriptions for this game and I want to make sure that our voices, ideas opinions are heard.

Help me in creating a renter community, despite people saying carebears and renters are insignificant to the game and its development I disagree! But for me to make that point I need us to firstly unite and have a common area to communicate.


I aim to build a discord server full of players who enjoy the game in a more casual manner. I want to be able to create meaningful discussion topics about this play-style along with strengthening a community. I want renters to have a voice and have our views understood and considered during mechanic changes. A place where we can gather data from a large data pool so we can present it to CCP. It is really as simple as that.


I do not have massive expectations for this idea, I do expect allot of flaming of cause and I expect allot of trolling, but this is Eve after all. I would like to think that we can unite some groups together and talk about how our game has changed since we started playing, what we like and dislike about the mechanics, gameplay, community, etc.

I will be working more on roles channels etc but I have started a discord server to try and populate it with renting players of all levels, leadership, alliances, corporation, players, etc. The link for the server is below just click on the discord icon.

This is going to be a long ride, come tag along and see where it goes…

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With the opening of CSM now is the time for all renters to unite. I want to give Renters a voice in game change discussions at the dev meetings I would be in if given a seat on the CSM. Poke all your renting buddies get them to spend some time and vote for me so our play style has an opinion in the meetings!

Who do you rent space from?

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I rent with The INITtiative

I’ve never really understood renting and I suppose there are a large number of people who do it.

The INITtiative sound like they have everything in order. Hope they’re not too comfortable! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah renting is a strange concept for some and a home to others, Basically we get to “empire build” without the 03:00 timers and CTA’s etc

Renting alliances and renters are the scourge of Eve and the home to hundreds of cheating botters who are ignored by the Sov holders because they provide isk to fund their nefarious activities. Also the thought of immortals paying others for ‘protection’ is an affront to all right minded capsuleers. DOWN WITH SPACE FEUDALISM!

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We are also the source of many conflicts, content and hunting parties. There are just as many bots that are in mainline alliances, Just look at the losses of supers and titans in Yulai.

But I get it most people shout out what they have heard themselves before without an objective perspective. Bots are the plague and they plague all areas of eve

Yes. Never underestimate someones commitment to this game I suppose

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just following up – hows the renting model working out for you now?

Are you getting lots of support from Init?

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Yeah it has been pretty good we had a solid three years of blissful peace and freedom within the expected boundaries. Interesting times ahead for sure but I couldn’t and wouldn’t suggest that INIT. as an entity where bad landlords, in fact the best one could have hoped for. Circumstances are just against them right now, well if you name me any coalition that could remain all of their areas with impunity against the other side of the entire universe. Certainly fun though

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so where do you operate now (g95 in kinda empty)

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