I HATE rental empires. LF PvP corp dedicated to addressing the issue

Corp preferably not in an alliance. I’m willing to consider corps that are part of an alliance as long as the corp has full autonomy.

I’ll be interested in seeing if you find anything. I’m not aware of any independent PvP corporations specifically focused on making war against rental empires, although it sounds like a fine RP-lite theme. Plus dunking on nullbears is always good for a laugh. But I doubt any corporations like that actually exist.

You may have to settle for one that does other stuff but is down for targeting rental empires should some content creator, possibly yourself, want to take the lead in that initiative.

Join any of the true lowsec communities. We love shooting nullbears.

Doubt you will find any dedicated to doing only that though. GL!

Surely I’m not the only one who sees rental empires as a big issue in eve? I’m also browsing zkillboard to see who else is targeting rental spaces, maybe I will find my corp that way

Goonswarm Federation is on some kind of crusade against rental empires lately, but you did specify no alliances. And anyway, we know they’re a little disingenuous about it because they themselves had a rental empire in the past. They just like to construct a narrative about their conflicts to entertain their members.

You would definitely have more luck if you would loosen your personal rule against alliances. I can definitely understand why you wouldn’t want an alliance though.

The big rental empires nowadays, as I understand it, are FRAT and Horde, and there are no shortage of groups fighting against that bloc, but most of them are alliances. If you would consider smaller, less blue-donutty alliances like B0SS or Brave you might have more luck. They might not be fighting specifically because they’re against renters, but they’re fighting the bad guys you want to fight.

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Goons aren’t against rental empires, they are against competition from other rental empires.


I am willing to consider alliance corps at this point, I’ve loosened up my requirements a bit. But the corp has to have full autonomy from the alliance and operate mostly independently.

Still looking

still looking

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