Report for Bots

Hello. 3 days ago i reported 9 characters ,for boting in Cladary high sector on the green exploration mission for 4/10.These are the names of the bots ; radhtu Chancel
xgasd Mileghere
fhgafdsg Dorgiers
agfhrth Ellecon
eghadfh Audeles
bdfhaerh Assene
dgewrh Lafisques
uuhsdhn Nardieu
chdfg Kansene

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Time for a nice glass of




Too sour,any of them even the “sweet” ones…

I already knew you had no taste, and now I know you have no class.


So the definition of class is to drink something you don’t like and pretending to like it just because everybody else does the same?

Well this way all the wine producers will never see the light and produce drinkable,aka as sweet as possible wines…

This “dry wines are the best wines” crap has to end soon…

I’m just picturing the DP charcuterie board of Kraft singles, Oscar Mayer hotdogs, and Welch’s grape juice (2019 vintage).


Funny how your opinion of quality wine matches your opinion of quality gameplay and quality society.

Besides if you think dry white is the optime of wine, you should do something about your ignorance.

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Just because you were told “good” wines taste like earth and have a decent scent of “strawberry” and crap like this does not mean it is actually true…

Good wines have to be sweet…

I think he has mead and wine completely confused tbh.

Either that or Buckfast Tonic Wine is his tipple of choice.

Yeah funny that yours don’t…

All you can do is parroting “certainities” someone else had said before instead of drawing conclusions by your own…

Seems to me my approach is more reasonable…

Your “reasonable” is stating your personal taste as the only rational choice.

Do you like oysters?
Do you like snails?

Do you believe that a man may like oysters AND snails?


Parotting is in no way better than drawing own conclusions…

And personal taste is NEVER to be set out of action by “certainities everybody knows” because those “certainities” are often just not right…

Many people i know don’t like the sour wines of today but feel that they have to pretend to like it and if that is anything than this is sad…

And yet thats what you always do.

You gonna post on topic or what?

Well the picture wasn’t mine …so who’s to blame here…

To blame for my in topic picture?


For your derailment about wine?



How is a picture of wine in your world topic in a thread with the title “report for bots”…and they say I am strange…

If you dont know I just cant help you work it out.


Well…maybe it has some kind of sense in YOUR world…but not in that of anybody else…

I feel sad for you…

And yes i’ve seen the name on the bottle…

Still off topic.

Its just cruel to make you dance like this so Im going to stop now.


I’ve been seeing this convention show up a lot lately. Whole blocks of 8-12 characters with that naming convention tend to be born within ~10-15 seconds of each other. Even the character creation is automated.

It’s curious that they even make it out of the character creator without catching a ban. I’d like to think that they just get flagged for observation so CCP can follow the money instead of just pruning away at infinitely replaced alpha accounts, but who knows.

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