Rescue One [RESC1] is recruiting. PVP/PVE, newbros welcome

Rescue One [RESC1] is a brand new corporation co-owned by 2 CEOs that are IRL EMTs (hense the name Rescue One!)

RESC1 is looking for all and any pilot to help grow our corporation into something large and organized. New or experienced, casual or full-time, all are welcomed to join!

-Friendly-Fire is illegal, tax at 10% to start
-We are located in The Forge region (0.7sec)
-Currently active in mining, PvE, and trade. (isk making)
-Our end game is to open a station and operate from there and engage in PvP
-But we will support you in any and all interests you have in game whether that be combat, mining, hauling, whatever just ask!

Please, if you have any questions contact NitroCat Ataru or our CEO Jamie Buddhamiere.

We have also created public channel in-game so if you have some questions join RESC1.

We look forward to working with you!

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