Residue and ... what the frak?



CCP introduced residue so that you have meaningful choices, not “bestest tier possible”.
T2 is still the one providing the highest yield, however the total amount harvested will be reduced. You eat faster, but you drop more on the floor so when the plate is empty, you’ve eaten less. Still if you are limited in time, it’s better to use them.
It makes people able to handle PVP have more total value, while those that flee on any neutral will get less if nobody actually pops up on local.


So the initial design for residue was as you would expect. T1 gear had 100% residue chance, so the increased ore was a wash for new players. But there were lots of people who were concerned that rookies wouldn’t be allowed to mine in null groups because of the residue issue, so CCP changed it to 0% on T1 gear.

The new T2 yields are better than they use to be, so as @stefnia_Freir mentioned, you now get to choose between T1, lower yield but more ore, or T2, higher yield but less ore. In my opinion, reverting to T1 is pretty useless unless you are mining something that is super rare.


its another one of those things that wasnt thought trhough well and then was corrected after reddit whining to be even more absurd.
so, if you have better skills you mine faster, but you wast more.
low skill equipment doesnt generate waste (this prevents elitests from not allowing new players in mining fleets)
the quantity of ore was doubled and compression was added to make it easier to move. thereby guaranteeing that the market value would drop but you would spend more time on field
they beefed up drone damage so miners could defend…
all in all a whole bunch of work by devs to gain almost nothing from and isk prespective but dictates that we spend more time on field and have sieged boosters as “content”
in the meantime, the rorqual is back to being a boosting platform and mining with it has been nerfed yet again.
personally i retired half of my miners. and reduced my totoal number of accounts now that ratting and mining take more time for less isk and industry has been turned into an exercise in futility for many builders.

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In my personal perspective, there is plenty of the ore I mine at the end of the day and I have limited time to play since I am busy being an adult. So I use the Type B II crystals when I mine. I get more ore in the limited time I am on and the ore that gets turned into residue wasnt going to be mine anyways.

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No. It’s not skill, it’s modules. If you have T2 modules you mine more, but you also waste more.
Skills are not in the equation.

Yet that’s how it works.

Along with the residue change, they also added something like 30% more ore to asteroids. You aren’t losing any ore due to residue, the asteroid itself it losing it. Your mining yield per minute remains the same, no matter how much residue loss you are incurring.

Another way to look at is that T1 modules provide you with a precise cutting utensil, like excavating a fossil bed with a trowel. Where as T2 is like excavating the same fossil bed with a backhoe, you do it faster but destroy some of what you are after.

And back to my previous point. Say you have to choose between mining 1m m3 of ore a day with 1m m3 of waste or 750k m3 of ore with no waste. If there is 2m m3 of ore available a day, then go with the first option (T2), but if there is 500k m3 available a day go with the second (T1). This is also assuming that the 500k is worth more than the 1m.

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That’s not true. You can keep upgrading to top tier faction gear and get exactly what you want: great yields, no residue.

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stefnia Freir


No. It’s not skill, it’s modules. If you have T2 modules you mine more, but you also waste more.
Skills are not in the equation.

i know the game has changed a lot in my 14 years of play, but being able to use tech 2 strip miners and crystals does take skills

Faction, not T2.

Not logged in right now to pull up numbers, but ORE mining laser has no residue and close or higher yield as T2.

No, in fact @Io_Koval said, and I quote;

Upgrading to top tier faction gear, nowhere does that say T2.


I am only working with Miners and not Strip Miners, but a T2 Miner has a yield of 60m3 per cycle, has a 34% residue probability, and is META level 2.

A ORE Miner has a yield of 85m3 per cycle, has a 0% residue probability, and is META level 8. Its also 180m isk each, so you do have a trade off.

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Thanks Lugues, for also pointing out Meta levels and that by understanding those, T2 is really in general only the middle of the road in performance for any kind of module. Most faction and deadspace modules are superior to T2 even if technically still T1.

Kallie, gotta use that compare window!

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false premise logical fallacy. you are basing your logic as if ore expires or depletes as do physical things.

The ore is an infinite resource, all of them. you will mine MORE ore by mining faster and moving on to the next piece of ore than by mining more slowly. That ore will respawn, it is never gone forever once mined.

Even for moon ores, they are infinite on a regular cycle with chunks, and you or your group will mine more by having multiple moons harvested with full sets of tech 2 miners than to slow down the mining by using tech 1 miners.

You may value your own time as 0 due being a lowly useless peon, but you assuming everybody else does as well is an incredibly poor assumption.

Well, if you’re going to be insulting, I’ll just let this die.

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