Mining residue idea

I’d like to see a rework of the mining skills where for each level of a mining skill, the residue probability for T2 modules drops, with zero probability at level 5.

Are you saying you want to give up 25% yield for 34% more ore in the belt?

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So, CCP initially had it so that waste was lower for higher skill players, and people complained that it would screw over newbros. So, somewhere, a monkey paw’s finger curled inward, and CCP changed it to work like this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t ask me why they didn’t frame it to give bonus ore depending on skills/modules, instead of causing waste. Even the CSM told them to do it that way.

Sigh. Unforced errors.


Imagine believing that CCP actually listens to the CSM…


Well, I do personally prefer efficiency over raw yield…

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So use T1 gear, no residue.


Exactly use what ever gear suits your desired outcome and t1 gives you what you are looking for.

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