Suggestion for mining features of CCPs From Extraction To Production: Update

There has been multiple changes and multiple rants about this current in development update.

The suggested addition of waste mechanics to the additional +100% (30% for one specific resource) is a great addition.

Ideally it’s release could have been released in a positive manner.

As I see it most modules mine roughly similarly to what they do on the live server, but have an additional feature that plays with the +100% bonus resources.

Ideally I would have gone with the following;

Module / chance of resource maintained / failure yield modifier

Mining lasers/strip miner
T1 / 0% / x1
Meta / 67% / x2
T2 / 67% / x1
ORE / 100% / na

Mining drones
T1 / 0% / x1
T2 / 25% / x1
Augmented / 50% / x1
H / 75% / x1
Excavator / 25% x1

And then add to Mining and Mining Drone skills a +2% modifier per level to chance of resource maintained. On top of that another +2% for each level of specialization skill, and also another +2% per level of resource processing skill.

This would mean by the time you get to use T2 modules or drones you have an +12% modifier, and with a maximum of +30% modification with maximum skill levels.

This means with maximum skills T2 would maintain all the bonus resources and use of crystals being the only additional modifications.
It would also mean Factional drones, except the Excavator will be similarly benefit from high skills.

This would make it beneficial to train skills and for using T2, where the current release version of this makes the T1 equivalent to the ORE in yield/cycle/waste chance, and also same yield as a T2 with T1 type A & B crystal.

This is a first copy, more to come and refinements

For further use.

CCP has specifically said they want feedback on this in their thread From Extraction To Production: Update

Things just get lost in there atm.

It’s almost like ranting is counterproductive -like, it buries constructive feedback, and hurts other players’ ability to have their voices be heard.

What am I saying?

Fire everyone who touched this patch, burn the offices to the ground, and salt the earth where it stood.

Also, skills that reduce waste don’t seem like a bad idea to me. But who knows what CCP considers to be a healthy amount of ore being mined, and how they plan on tweaking the numbers/mechanics to ensure that we fall within that range?

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Same thing could be applied to compression cycle times.

Ideally love to citadels change to the modular system the industry command ships have proposed, but improve the efficiency to Rorqual lvls with extended cycle times, and this expands as the resource quantities increase.

This means structures would be limited to what it can compress due to number of modules they can install or spend resources to switch out compression modules.

The question is length of cycle times and resource quantity amount, and the quantity required for each time increase.

I’ll run some numbers and clean up posts when on pc.

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