[RESOLVED] - 2018/12/06 - Login Issues


(Warren Morris) #181

stop playing then ?

(SeerinDarkness) #182

Outside gameplay is terraabad compared to eve…the devs in outside cheat and rob you constantly

(Asia Park) #183

funny thing though, the sensation I got from not being able to log in to Eve this morning was akin to what I imagine a druggy in rehab goes through

(Mr Secret Business) #184

I paid my money, I wanna watch it buuuurrrrrn

(Jaelkus) #185

game isnt even dling when i went to reinstall it after deleting all game files :frowning:

(Dora Dekkart) #186

I had just installed CCleaner and ran a temp/cookie remove then launched eve and was getting a token error and was like oh crap what have i done. Thank you for this update!

(Jarlaxle Banre) #187

That makes sense, they could be a little more transparent tho so it does not seem like were dealing with the same issue over and over again

(Residium Fall) #188

Quick, someone call the Samaritans.

(Caboose2018) #189

(Sonoros Rahl) #190

why is this the only game the launcher craps itself on a regular basis - surely after 15 years they can create a stable launcher

(Brikulis) #191

ppl no eve today all thx for ccp fail fail fail

(Ayumu Kasuga) #192

Yup, me too. Though I don’T know why all these people are melting down over this.

(Greylord Kane) #193

The post are keeping me equally entertained…lol

(woman4234235253) #194

It’s not the launcher thats broken.

(Yamato Watanabe) #195

well, how is it going with fixing the issue??

(Hamar Halltyr) #196

great only 2 houres time to play today and ccp can´t get there luncher fixed


(Jaelkus) #197

yay my one day off i get to spend it waiting for them to fix the launcher, (ccp please stay away from my boot sector this time)

(arania Afuran) #198

error when refreshing token

(Menenhetet Neteru) #199

Crap happens guys, if you have been playing for a protracted amount of time on ANY mmo, its a consistent theme for mass deployed updates. It is literally impossible to Always get everything right, difference here is they are actually working on it and tend to be pretty quick. Bugfixing isn’t an instant process, then to avoid crap you gotta recheck and test to make sure on top of that. So the fact that they routinely fix stuff like this in a couple of hours is pretty telling.

Quit the hate. As we learned in forrest gump “■■■■ happens”

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #200

Well, i’m in and i wanted to thank you all for your excavs.