[RESOLVED] - 2018/12/06 - Login Issues


(Cooper Meghezi) #161

Haha ^^
You might want to try tho, new update coming soon and really had a blast with that game

(woman4234235253) #162

That’s like 20 minutes of SP.

(Caboose2018) #163

I remember when I could buy a…
packet of lollies for 5 cents

(Seknorak) #164

Alright, moving on with my life. Good luck boys.

(Rain177aker Skywalker) #165

thats sad

(Negociante Ortega) #166

They are not accountable for that, but they will need to do a better job to keep their customers playing. Customers that pay. A lot of money I have to say.

(Brikulis) #167

ccp best ever all time same ■■■■ get up

(Luke Skywalking) #168

Maybe they are preparing more presents for us. Lets give them some time :smiley:

(Sho'Riagl Khardula) #169

Thankyou muchly!

(Warren Morris) #170

entitled much , go play outside

(Redding Box) #171

11,218 and dropping not great

(Rain177aker Skywalker) #172

with you there.

(Caboose2018) #173

Right click > Self destruct

(Angry OldDude) #174

Can’t find where to download it

(Menenhetet Neteru) #175

I haven’t touched stellaris in a year or two… might take a gander if this takes too much longer…

(Mr Secret Business) #176

This is just more fuel on the dumpster fire that is CCP

(Lane Maethrillean) #177

11,218 and falling down, falling down, falling down (9)

(Aderek Dust514) #178

Still not work.

(Mobilus1978) #179

same problem with my accounts

(Machella-El S'Jet) #180

Hardware failure is what brings it back mostly, you get a lot of equipment that fails or burn out all the time on CCP’s side.