[RESOLVED] - 2018/12/06 - Login Issues


(Seknorak) #141

Thank goodness. I’ve been looking every where for a legit player who can possibly quadruple my isk in a fun and interesting manner that includes lots of CAPS and exclamation marks!!

(Machella-El S'Jet) #142

Poor CCP Falcon. He always has to be CCP’s meat shield. Hope your titan is heavily tanked for all them ore and wreck whores. xD

(Angry OldDude) #143

Someone suggested that I should go try “Outside” - but I can’t find where to download it. What do?

(Voy Putonsky) #144

11.500 and stopped. Nice numbers.

(Rain177aker Skywalker) #145

seriously no refunds?

(Harmony Bague) #146

Haha brilliant - and I’ve literally just resubscribed about 2 minutes ago :smiley:

(slphy vansyl) #147

they just make it available for bots
so now they know the account, ccpdelete them and we’ll got a new eden free of botters!

ah… i’m dreaming but :slight_smile:

(Garth Dideus Badasaz) #148

When I’m at work and i have this problem, I tell the employees once as CCP has already done, if they ask me again while I’m fixing it, I mentally mute them.

(Mr Secret Business) #149

Legit is my middle name. Mr. Secret Legit Business

(Autum Knight) #150

You just got word of this? what the ■■■■ do you people do there? this has been ongoing for hours, this has been ignored as bug reports, this has been ignored as Petitions and its been ignored for hours in the forums…

CCP = worst work ethics EVER!!!

Might be advisable to change the company name, i was thinking of ‘Bodge it and Scarper’

(Exonaut) #151

Patted my head, rubbed my stomach and even danced a jig. Didn’t fix it.

(Menenhetet Neteru) #152

stellaris? im playing old school x3 terran conflict modded all to hell to get my fix of internet spaceship jones’ing out.

(Douglas Vaille) #153

Same issue

(Macknive) #154

(Caboose2018) #155

I think they should give everybody 1,000 free SP upon logging in again, as a redeemable item

(Rokshasa) #156

Troubleshooting code isn’t always something you can put a time estimate on.

(Fifinella) #157

Sure. Let’s do the math: Say you lose 3 hours of gametime. That’s 3 out of the 720 hours in your average month. That works out to 0.42% of lost Omega time. out of the 14.99€ monthly payment, that’s a whopping 6 cents.
Never mind that your EULA you agreed to actually says CCP is not accountable for minor interruptions like this.

(Nik O'Deums) #158

Hit Ctrl-F twice to unhijack

(Rivr Luzade) #159

Please more connection issues. I need another couple free SP to train my characters. :slight_smile:

(SkuTheSnake) #160

same here :frowning: