[RESOLVED] - 2018/12/06 - Login Issues


(Menenhetet Neteru) #121

uh uh uh… you didn’t say the magic word…

(Pychick Uchonela) #122

my butt hurts while im not in EVE :frowning:

(Sadds) #123

System needs a secondary relay, it fail to load files.

(SeerinDarkness) #124

Needs new hamnpsters

(Stuart ReKlaw) #125

Just went to try and log on again, along with the red error box CCP have now put up a window saying theres issues and are aware of it, Jus have to wait now I guess

(Greylord Kane) #126

Almost an hour now, CCP can you please give us a new update. This is now effecting people who log in to make isk.

(Uriel the Flame) #127

(Titus Potentiae) #128

Thought it was just me, but glad to know CCP is working on the issue.

Keep up the good work CCP, honestly crap happens in I.T… not always their fault guys, give them time to fix and we can all enjoy the game again.

For the mean time, go breathe some fresh air :wink:

(Cooper Meghezi) #129

It happened last time during triglavian expansion I believe. They sort it out after three hours.
Not that bad. Go play some Stellaris in case of spaceship withdraw

(Garth Dideus Badasaz) #130

My launcher just started a download, maybe a fix?

(Warren Morris) #131

maybe wait for a update why they try fix it and quit being entitled

(LordVroloK DarkBringer) #132

Im new, can’t log in, time to play minecraft

(Negociante Ortega) #133

Paying the subscription month after month, and getting this problems month after month. I am considering to stop playing this game full of bugs. CCP needs a lot more diligence in his work or will still going losing their customers.

(King Xiskogen) #134

was there any compensation back then ?

(Caboose2018) #135

I think we should all just relax… take a deep breath… in through your mouth… out through your nose…

Just because you pay doesn’t require CCP to respond to you any more timely than anybody else
We’re all ants to them, they don’t care about us. Just because you’ve spent $5,000 on EVE doesn’t make you any more or less important to CCP. No special privileges.

The more you ask for them to fix it, the longer it is going to take, so stop bugging them… please.

(Greylord Kane) #136


(Garth Dideus Badasaz) #137

It’s always time to play minecraft, I just keep that running off by the side for down times.

(Krakshar) #138

no, dont think so

(Masters Patrouette) #139

It might help if they would communicate with us and let us know what is happening, and when they intend or anticipate having this problem fixed so we can all get into the game.

(Waldo Dragon) #140

Today is Santa’s day, so we are waiting for gifts from CCP … :slight_smile: