[RESOLVED] API authorize returning # instead of ? in query string

I’m trying to get SSO working for me .NET MVC web application.

The action I’m trying to code is like this:

public IActionResult Auth(string access_token, string token_type, int expires_in)

The problem is, CCP returns the following:


As you can see, it’s using a # instead of a ? in the query string and my Action doesn’t pick up the query parameters because of it.

Is there anyway to fix this?


IIRC its a url fragment because you’re doing the implicit flow, which is meant for client side usage, i.e. JS.

Using a server you should probably do the full SSO flow, check out the docs for more information.

My bad,

I had the resposne_type set to token instead of code… changing it to code works perfectly … although the response is now ?code=… rather than access_token etc…

Read the docs I linked. It explains how the SSO flow works.

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