[RESOLVED] Tranquility Emergency Restart - 2020/06/10

graphics went a bit funny after logging back in but seame fine now

To request reimbursement of a lost ship, please file a support ticket (F12 => Help Center) with the necessary information.

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I lost a vessel yesterday and had quite several problems today. Half hour after start the server (market), 3:30h after (lag while fighting and I almost lost a ship), and market and lag problems after, until now.

There is no chats

At that moment, I was flying into the hole-on a ship worth 1 billion ISK. Do you think it will remain intact ???

Please contact our customer support who will be able to compensate the assets lost due to server stability issues.

its not so easy to reach them

Good day tell me how long will these sudden outages occur? I have already lost 4 carables in the dungeons due to these sudden outages!

I got kicked out of a chat, corp chat and local isn’t working, gas site has dissapeared. F

same problem

Never mind your damage, I was busy buying a pile of Rifters, they better not have sold! :stuck_out_tongue:

And they are mine :smiley:

Yep, no chat.

I was in Abyssal space and found myself back in solarsystem with my ship when i reconnected.
All is good.

Thanks for the quick intel and restart, much appreciated. Thankfully I was shopping in hisec and my alt was in a remote safe back home.

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It appears that while our clients can open, functionality is still wacky. Go CCP go! you can’t make an omlette without breaking some eggs… that said, I’m unable to undock with my alt that has no implants in a corvette… so I don’t care if it dies. loans dopamine a snowshowel to remove salt from the forums and twitter

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guess u haven´t apeased and treated the machine spirit with the respect it wants:)

is GM Hastur still on the team?

I have to say this is one of my first server connection issues, I’m reasonably new, and am very impressed with CCPs response in not just getting the server back up but also in letting us know there was an issue. Unfortunately a lot of devs don’t take the time. Great job guys!

@ CCP Dopamine,
I heard after the first DDOS that CCP had moved away from Microsoft, and went to another cloud provider. Is that true?