– Respect Honor Passion is looking for you –

Hello fellow capsuleers o7

We are a small nullsec PVP corporation consisting of mainly german speaking players living in the north of New Eden.
We are looking for casual PVP pilots willing to chill and fight with us and have some fun preferrably in nullsec alliance warfare together with our friends from Darkness and GotG. If you are looking for a corporation where you can participate in medium to large scale fleet fights, and want to be free to do what you want for the rest of your time, we are the place you want to come to.

What we offer:

  • casual gameplay style
  • participation in alliance warfare
  • pilot support (e.g., SRP program)
  • backbone economical and trading system
  • excellent pve environment in a region which is very rich of resources
  • a decent and liberal alliance and coalition community

If you:

  • are 18 yrs or older
  • have Teamspeak and Discord available
  • have a common sense for a respectful and friendly community (no drama)
  • want to be part of major nullsec stories and fights
  • help to further build a greater community
  • want to earn some dank ISK besides

then you are invited for application and having a chat with us.
If you’re interested in learning more about PVP and eventually becoming an FC in the future, we also will be able to help you with that and you are kindly asked for application.

Please contact Lawin Cwennich, Noc Ormand, or NeoSerenity Virpio for further details and application.

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