Retrive pilot data

i do a list of corp pilots. So to take names, i need to ask /corporations/{corporation_id}/members/ or corporations/{corporation_id}/membertracking/ to retrive list of pilots_id’s, then do “foreach” cycle to do personal requests to each id’s /characters/{character_id}/ for recive names.
is there some kind of request to take only “id:name” ?
for me its not a problem, but for eve server not good. as sample, corp have 1000 pilots, so i need 1 requst to take list of id’s, and 1000 requsts to take names.

how often can I make requests? often it happens that several requests are dependent, for example, the first 2 I work out, in the third there is curl error, and the fourth accordingly also in the error goes away. at this point, if i try open - the site is unavailable.

If you are using the post universe names endpoint, you shouldnt have to make that many calls. Can do 1,000 characters per call so in your case you’d need 1 call to all 1,000 characters.

Also keep in mind how ESI handles errors:

Pretty much this. I make thousands of requests a second to ESI at times without issues.

You will run into issues though if you post invalid IDs to that endpoint, such as mailing list IDs.

Now is new problem

When i use /corporations/{corporation_id}/membertracking/
there is part of …96219191 [location_id] => 60003931 [logoff_date] => 201… [character_id] => 96586232 [location_id] => 1027294887870 [logoff_date] => …

so in /universe/names/ 60003931 is normal, but theris no id = 1027294887870
so i have an error :
"failed to coerce value ‘1027074617328’ into type integer (format: int32), failed to coerce value ‘1027294887870’ into type integer (format: int32), ‘ids’ is required "

This endpoint doesn’t work with location_ids. Due to the ACL stuff around structures. I.e. you have to be able to dock there to know its name via ESI.

Supported ID’s for resolving are: Characters, Corporations, Alliances, Stations, Solar Systems, Constellations, Regions, Types.

For those you would have to look them up via,

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Recommended you join the #esi channel on slack for more help.

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