Generating A Batch Of Pilot IDs

Hi guys, I am writing an Excel tool for managing my corp and one of the functions I want to have is to generate pilot IDs (those long numbers) from pilot names (rather than the other way around, which I think can be easily solved using the =EVEONLINE.CHARACTER() function).

Is there a function that I don’t know can achieve this function?

Worth mentioning, I know that there several alternative ways to get this done (such as using Zkillboard or EVEWHO). But in case I have a lot of names, searching it one by one might seem time-consuming and can cause human error.

Also if using Zkillboard, I can enter the name in the link, like:
Kailen | Character | zKillboard Barviainen/
it will automatically jump to
Kailen Barviainen | Character | zKillboard
In which 2120259960 is my ID, but the problem is, for some pilot, especially the new ones, probably because they have no kills or have not approved ESI, Zkillboard does not have a page for them

While on the other side, if I am using EVEWHO, I can see every pilot, but I could not put the name in the link and I must search one by one.

I know this might seem to be a dumb question but can someone give me any clue? Really appreciate~

The links might not show up correctly in this post, I was trying to say

= :grinning:character/Kailen Barviainen/

Without the :grinning:

Some thing like this

You can use ESI:
(note you have to expand “Universe” to see the endpoints)

EDIT: I’m not sure what they’re called in the Excel Plugin, but, should be similar

Unfortunately this is not possible with the add-in. As @Golden_Gnu mentioned though, the information is searchable via ESI, so you should be able to make the requests from excel to get the data.

Thank you so much, this information is good enough for me.

Thank you so much for your explanation. It perfectly answered my question.

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