Finding Character ID


I’m trying to use new xls addins but failed to find character Id based on character name.

Seems that ID is to be found first but I don’t understand how to do this ?


I think you can drag your name into chat ingame, right click the link of your name, copy, paste out of game? I get:
[12:52:13] Nicen Jehr > <url=showinfo:1377//156376470>Nicen Jehr</url>

If you click on the timestamp in any thread, you can see your char id

can you screenshot? that sounds helpful and I was looking for similar but the URL’s for all of the timestamp links in this thread have the same id, presumably thread id

EVEONLINE.ACTIVE_CHARACTER() function will return your logged in characters as entities, then you can reference the cell and do to get your character id, or simply reference the cell with the character you want to use that’s been logged in.