Returned pilot looking for home Deklein/Branch/Tenal


Why - Deklein/Branch? - i lived there in time of Goons, Darkness, Horde and so on, feel comfortable there, lovely maze.
Who - 2 accounts, both lowskilled 15-20mil sp
Goal - get isk to sit in cap(i know how-to, was owner of few in past)
What can i offer - participation in any kind of pvp where i can be usefull, as i said i cant caps atm, i also hate Munnins)
Esi or how it is called nowdays - ok, i have nothing to hide, but if i want to - youll never find.

Honest goals - find tight group to roam on dreads/drop them and die fast. I dont care about killboard, i got good in past, not needed anymore, chars was sold on official forums long time ago, isk lost in SomerBlink/Iwantisk ))

Hi there

Well from your list we can’t offer you the location, but can every thing else. We’re a uk based Corp, living in detorid part of LORDE alliance and winter co, if you can’t find the location you’re after come join our public channel brittas empire public or join our discord for a chat

Seems no1 interested in new pilots on North, sad(

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