Returned played looking for bombing / FW / PvP / Merc corp

After quite a bit of time away, I’m happily back into Eve, and I’m currently searching for a corporation that aligns with my interests and goals. Here’s a bit about what I’m looking for and what I can bring to your corp:

About Me:
40M SP
Experience: I have prior experience in Eve Online, covering various aspects of the game, pvp, merc, exploration, worm hole stuff, day trading
Interests: I am open to engaging in covert ops, PvP, and PvE. I enjoy the suspense and exciting aspects of these fields.
I just have one character (my main) though a few years ago i had more (who i used to pvp with).
Play Style: I’m active and can follow callouts. I value teamwork and am keen on contributing to the corporation’s objectives.
Time Zone: Mostly EUTZ till quite late so the first bit of normal USTZ
Availability: I play regularly but maintain a balanced approach to gaming.

What I’m Looking For:
A corporation active in covert ops, mercs (is that a thing anymore?), PvP, PvE, or a combination of these.
Community: A friendly and welcoming group that values collaboration and mutual support.
Growth opportunities: I want a place where I can contribute meaningfully while enhancing my game skills and knowledge.

Please get in touch with me if your corporation seeks a dedicated and enthusiastic team member ready to contribute and grow with the company. I’m eager to learn more about your corporation and how I can fit into your team.

You can contact me here or PM me for my discord.


Hey Satara!

I might have a Corp that would be very interrested in having you have a look at us!
Here is the Discord link:

Just DM Luka or me ones you joined!

btw here is our original recruitement post if you want to have a look at it first

We are just getting our BLOPS up and running as we are stepping up our pvp from regular FW pvp to include BLOPSing as well. If you dont mind a corp with a great community that is just getting that aspect off the ground then you are welcome to join us, if not I understand and wish you the best of luck

If interested The Order of Omerta

Hello buddy,

Come check Holy Hunters, sounds like a good match !!


I think you would beget fit for us. Were a group of laid back vets but we also kick a lot of ass. Come stop by and say Hi on discord.