Returned Player - Looking for active large WH CORP - EU TZ

(GiantHawkeye) #1

Hi there,

What I am looking for:

  • WH corp with active EU zoned members. ( medium/large sized corp or alliance )
  • Willingness to help me further expand my knowledge about wormholes
  • PVP mindset
  • Comms
  • Use of mapping tools (duh)

What I offer:

  • Positive team player
  • Working MIC
  • Experience in PVP ranging from small scale to large scall
  • FC experience (a longgg time ago)
  • Willingness to die and not complain :slight_smile:
  • Willingness to train into doctrines
  • 2 accounts -> 90 MIL and 60 MIL accounts -> PVP focussed setup
  • Active 2/3 nights during the week (sometime i can be online for hours sometimes just a short stint of an hour) + active in weekends across different timeframes.

Please send me an ingame mail or leave a reply.

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply.

(Kathy Stewart) #2

Hi GiantHawkeye,

If your looking for a decent sized Highclass EU/US TZ WH corp that is focused on PVP, No Vacancies has Vacancies!

Look forward to seeing you in game!

(system) #3

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