Returning bitter vet looking for a nullsec corp for pvp,

I am a bitter vet returning to eve after a long break. Looking for a nullsec corp. I am not a corp hopper, so I am being picky about who I join. I am not an elitist either. I have played since 06 and flown with the same group for about 11 years. Most have left the game and have kinda spread out. I don’t care about pve tbh I am looking for a pvp corp that will use everything from recons to caps sc’s and titans, although mine are pretty rusty. I enjoy flying blops and pretty much anything in the game. I can fly pretty much any ship in game except the levi and erebus. I can multi box up to 5 dreads lol, of course I haven’t in a long time. Probably since b-r. Not interested in wh space. I have flown with most the big alliances in eve at some point or another. I want a active corp although I don’t care to do pve, I don’t mind doing it as a corp activity for adms or mining for some corp goal. I think I still have a few chars that can mine. I am USTZ and normally play 2200-whenever.

Running With Wolves [.PACK] Triumvirate. [TRI]

What We Offer:
-PvP Mindset
-Daily PvP Content
-Capital Use/Escalations
-Endless ISK Printing [Mining/Ratting]
-Alliance Wide SRP

-1st account Sub-Caps [Loki/Nightmare/HAC’s]
-2nd account [Sabre/Boosher/FAX/Dread/] *More the better
-ESI Check on ALL accounts

Want to join or find out more information. Jump on our discord

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Check out short bus ballaz in game and on zkill. In game info tab has our discord invite to chat.

mail sent your way! :smiley:

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