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Im looking for a corp who are interested to take me under their wing.
i used to do allot of FW in minmatar space and moved to c3 wh’s doing sites in a tengu & doing planatary interaction when i didnt feel like grinding much, that was 2 years ago and now without a omega toon am i clueless on what to do now.
Currently i am a alpha clone with 15M SP (mostly in missiles and caldari ships) and a combined value of 3B isk.
im hoping to find a corp that can get me back up to speed so i can make a decent amount of isk in order to buy plex (as im currently not able to spend real money).

thank you for your time and perhaps we will roam eve together o/.


If you want to do PVP, you should join Aideron Robotics! We’re the largest faction warfare corp in the game at around 320 members.

If you want to learn more, feel free to join our discord here:

thanks I will take a nosy and see if your corp may suite me

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Hi Pubicbeard Jovakko,

My corp is located in Null Sec. We have lots of ways to make isk, Ratting, PI, Mining, Etc. As it is Sov space we do ask you have take part in some operations. Some are higher priority then others as you can imagine.

Take a look and see if this is as interest to you.


Blue Sparrow Evans
CEO / Chairman of the Board

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Sure! When you get in the discord feel free to ask any questions you have :slight_smile:


Hi there!

Krypted Gaming is looking for quality, social pilots to join us on our space adventures. We are a community focused on quality over quantity, and look for pilots with great attitudes towards the game and fellow players. We live in the nullsec region of Deklein, and are proud members of SLYCE.

We aim to be,

  • Tight Knit (~40-50 actual humans)
  • Highly active (88.5% of our members are online daily)
  • Top Contributors in PvP & Industry (top 3 for monthly alliance fleet participation)
  • Knowledgable & Approachable (tons of guides on our website)

Whether you are a new player or veteran, we are looking for team players who want to contribute to a community. All of our members are active, decent human beings (except our corporate Grandpa, Helltrek) with lives outside of the game. Given that, we also have plenty of memes!

Monthly Krypted Updates
Fleet Commander Logs
EVE Online Guides

Come chat with us in our Discord!


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I have joined a corp and as such dont need to find one anymore, thank you for the invites o/


Welcome back to EVE!

I am going to assume you flagging your own post was an error and ignore it :slight_smile:


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