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All my three characters are into PI, all ready to start their level Vs in PI. I live in the western United States (UTC -8) and would like to find a corp that will lead me into PvP or maybe PvE while I can also continue my PI. Also need to find a group that uses TS or Discord or Mumble.


My guys can definitely lead you in PvP and we can get you started in PvE. Also the systems we have are pretty great PI systems


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Heya! Look here too, maybe this is what you need

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Hey, @Jawn_Hendar ! I just started a corp to run public PVP fleets - and we also recruit vets and newbros to set up a solid corp besides the running of pvp fleets - a bit of pve, atm still in high sec 0.5 - but also in our low sec home, too (Kheram atm).

We want to achieve critical mass of players for the corp and not only for our discord and would be happy to have more miners/indy people who help our new and old players - so perhaps this is something for you: New? Old? Alone? Don't be - join Puffin Squads - Home of the Underdogs

We are a relaxed group and know all about RL aggro, job and kids - the corp just started out, but with public fleets and the new members there is always something to do when you have time and no pressure as we are all in the same boat - and we could really use a vet to help getting it up and running - check it out :slight_smile:

Join the discord for questions: - hope to see you there and in space!


Mad Librarian (MadLib)

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Hey Jawn Hendar, I am a recruiter for Virus Corp, we are stationed and operate out of syndicate. Virus Corp is a Newbro friendly corp that focuses on industry, PVP training and other carebear activities. The goal of Virus is to provide you with a relatively safe, casual environment to earn ISK and learn the game, while also providing a low pressure entry point into PVP. Once you’ve spent some time in Virus and have learned the ropes you can become eligible to join our parent corp UFO. Below is a general description of what Virus Corp has to offer along with a link to UFO’s recruitment page so you can see what they have to offer as well. Feel free to contact me in game for more information or join our recruitment discord server!

Discord: UFO and Virus Recruitment

Virus Corp
Virus is a Nullsec-based Newbro-oriented corporation whose membership enjoys the entire range of EVE’s activities. Virus was established to be the entry level gateway to Null Sec, PVP and ultimately our parent Corp UFO. We are a home for friendly, casual, easy-going, and mature individuals who are active and enjoy learning new things.
We are committed to ensuring that we as a corporation achieve our goals, short and long term, and provide a relaxed atmosphere of mutual fun and enjoyment to our membership.
What we offer:
→ A mature team of players that are friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable in all aspects of EVE.
→ Help and advice for the inexperienced.
→ Active leadership and a relaxed atmosphere.
→ Opportunity to fly with experienced FCs in everything from small gang fights to medium size fleet engagements
→Corp provided doctrine ships
→Moon Mining, Reactions, and other industrial focused services
→Free Cloning Service
→Corporate Jump Freighter Services

What we look for:
→ Active players interested assisting the corp when possible
→ Trying out PVP and willingness to learn from mistakes.
→ Working microphone and ability to use Discord and TS3.
→ Speak English.
→ Mature team player.

UFO Recruitment Page:

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Hey @Jawn_Hendar

Are you interested in lowsec at all? We here at Filthy Peasants are a lowsec/0.0 US TZ pvp corp that lives in Lowsec Solitude. We have an alliance and corp TS + Discord server for us to keep in touch. Our pilots are a mix of vets and newer players. We accept and train new players to be proficients at lowsec and 0.0 pvp. We don’t get upset over losses and try our best to share our knowledge with others so that they too can “get good” and enjoy victory.

We also have plenty of PvE opportunities such as high value moon mining, lowsec missions, mordu sites, clone soliders, and everything else that lowsec/npc 0.0 has to offer. We also have very good lowsec planets with low/no tax available as well.We also don’t enforce any activity requirements as we’re a casual corp of mostly working adults. We’re most active on weekends with around ~20 active pilots that fluctuates around 10 active during the weekday.

We’ve just had two weekends of excellent fights so the time is ripe for some good content to enjoy!

If you’re interested in joining us feel free to convo/mail me or join our public channel Open Filth

Eve Post: Low Sec PvP - Filthy Peasants is recruiting

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I’ll keep it short and sweet. If you’re interested in learning PVP in a friendly environment, feel free to join my alliance’s discord server here:

My corporation is Aideron Robotics.

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Hey mate

Brittas Empire may be what you are looking for. Head to our website and have a look if your interested.

Hey, interested in a lowsec pirate corp? eu/us tz. We use Ts and Discord. Send me a mail in-game if you want to know more.
Our latest Vid:

I think we can help each out. We are a good training WH Corp/Alliance and are looking for players that want something more out of their content. Come check us out… DOPLR !

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC -Jump to be known

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