Returning Nyx/Phoenix/Archon Pilot Looking for New Home

As the title says I’m a Nyx/Phoenix/Archon pilot looking for a new home. :slight_smile:

I hope to hear from you.

Hi shuriyoko,

What kind of corp are you looking for?

Hey! I started a lore-based corporation, but we’re still working to recruit members, so we’re still on the smaller side. We’re moving thru lowsec Minmatar space with our alliance, with NPC and sov null on the books. Look us up in game at “Congress on Luminaire Republicanism”, ticker: “CO.LR”. You can find more info on the corp information tab there. Fly safe o/

Hi Shuri,

Have a read of our advert and if you think we might be a good fit for you jump on our discord and say hi - [ELTC.] English community focused Fraternity 0.0 corp is recruiting - #71 by Dymorian_Deile

╗╔╔╗║║║ :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:
║║╠╣║╠╗. VALKLEARS.
╚╝║║╚║║ :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:
We’re the Valklears - living in nullsec.

  1. PVP able capsuleerss…
    We do not care about killboards, but we do care if you don’t know what you are doing
  2. Good attitude
    We are family where everyone can be who he or she wants to and helps out if needed
  3. Self Sufficiency
    You will need to be able to make ISK on your own, in nullsec. We will offer guidance and assistance wherever we can


Join us on discord and we can have a chat :slight_smile:

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