Returning Pilot looking for HiSec Mining/Industrial Corp

Been away from EVE for quite a while, used to mine in a nul sec corp but currently looking for an active HiSec corp to run with while i get used to the game again,

I run 2 accounts, one with Orca with full boosts and the other with hulk/retriever. Have an alt with a Tengu as well but mining is my main interest at present.

Have a lot of real live commitments so cant be on all the time so a more casual corp would be the best fit i feel.

If you think that your corp might be a good fit reply to this thread or hit me up in-game.

Fly Safe o7

Hi Davinity, I think we could be a good fit for you if your looking to ease back into the game. Check us out at AMMOS EvE Forum Recruitment Page

Welcome back @Davinity_Essence!

Something that might be worth considering is that low-sec is safer than high-sec if you fly with the right group. If you’re interested in actually making ISK from mining you might be interested in moon mining. If not, good luck with your search. I hope you find a place that’s a good fit for you.

Still looking bump

ISEA is a primarily indy corp looking for some experienced pilots we are laid back and like to have fun. we are really interested in talking to you please hit me up in game. Thanks Rorianis

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