Returning Player 158M SP

Just returned from a hiatus and looking for a fun corporation who are into pve, exploration and other content. I am ideally looking for anyone in and around Derelik as that is where my stuff is at the moment.

EU T/Z (Spain)

There is the possibility of a carrier if I dont need to sell it.

You’d be a great fit as we actively expand out EU timezone corps now that we own impass Do you prefer big TiDi's or big (.)(.)'s? - join our discord and my alt (clara) will sort you out.

🇬🇧 Join the Imperial Fleet and fight for the Empire! Hello :wave: we would like to to have a chat with you :slight_smile:

We are waiting for you

Hi Zoe Firestorm

if you can consider an independent pvp corp operating from venal (null npc) please keep reading

As corp we try to keep things as simple as possible since we are all grown up and don’t have time to make eve more serious then what it is for us a GAME.

we are of course not part of any coalition and our blues are limited and our only goal is to have as much fun as possible.

currently we are trying to form our own blops group to harrass brave and frt:)

if you want to know more about us just visit our website or just join our discord below


lets meet if you havend found a corp already :smiley:

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