Returning player 46M SP EUTZ LF Pirate corp

I’m a 46 mil pilot from Czechia (EU) that has been away from EVE for almost 3 years. I would like to join up with a decent pirate corp. I’m a mature player with family and RL stuff. Casual guy. Not looking for a second job. Just wanting a decent home, some mutual fun blowing things up and good people to hang with. I prefer micro / small gang pvp (got my share of large scale action in 0.0 in the past). Thanks for reading and hope to hear back from you.

We are a new corp that is in a C2 WH that has a 0.0 static for unlimited PVP content. All we do is micro small gang. We all have RL priorities too so nothing to commit to. No redpens or fleet tracking or anything. We are chill on comms, and a tight knit group of people.

Our killboard should give you an idea of what we fly and our youtube channel will show you how we do fleets and roams.

Hit me up on discord and we can talk some more.

Hey man, you might be a good fit for us. Plenty of talented EU pilots to run microgang with, usually one heads out every day.

Drop by our Discord and ping Dractox or Naezek :slight_smile:

Hi @Brdo_Kok
Welcome back!
Although we are not pirates, we are a small gang pvp corp that i think you would be interested in!
Come & check us out :slight_smile:

Let me know!

If you don’t mind giving null sec another shot, you might find we’re more small gang than you could have expected (I’d say take a look at our killboard but it’s kinda embarrasing right now -_-).

here’s our public discord:

Hey Brdo,

I think my corp (Tuskers) could be a good fit for you.

We’re a relaxed (no minimum activity levels, no CTAs, fly what you want, when you want etc.) mature solo/small gang PvP corp with an active community that has been around for 10 years, where some members have been around for 5+ years. We use out of game services (Discord) to communicate, which makes joining fights even easier - a simple ping means when you do log on, there’s something going on.

Historically, we were a low sec pirate corp, but most of us have found more fun living in a Class 2 Wormhole with a static NS & C5 for PvP & logistics/PvE respectively. We think that this wormhole offers the best mixture of logistics & PvP - the direct NS gives us plenty of opportunity for fights (at the moment we are getting about 50-80 kills per day) and the C5 gives us decent logistics.

We run a mixture of organised gangs & impromptu gangs. Some examples:

We tackle a Rorqual, ping for back up and end up killing it +multiple sub-cap defensive fleets with minimal losses, despite fighting 3 gangs simultaneously (RR Hyperions, Cruiser Gang, Dread + Rorqual) The Tuskers Killboard Related kills & losses

Organised Drake roam, 11 vs ~60 people -

Impromptu Faction Cruiser gang, 10 vs 68 -

Fighting a gang in 0.0, when suddenly another wormhole gang joins in - The Tuskers Killboard Related kills & losses

You can find some Battle Reports in our recruitment ad, as well as more details:

Feel free to convo me ingame o7

Toot toot!

Come back little wreckage babies with us! We’re reforming and taking ■■■■ by force!


Sinner’s Trajectory [C5-5] PVP WORMHOLES!!!

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