Returning Player - 8 mil SP Looking to Join a Corp

Good morning all,

I have recently gotten back to Eve and I am trying to learn everything I can about EVE and take part in all activities in New Eden.

Right now I am focused on learning everything I can on Industry and I want to start mining ASAP!

I am nervous to go into low sec/WH due to my lack of knowledge but I am willing to learn and continue to progress to help the corp in whatever ways possible!

I hope to hear from you and your corp!

Hi @Ryan_Dragoneel - if you have not yet found a new home, I’d like to invite you to see if CoE fits the bill for what you are looking for. We are a proud member of the Brave Collective Alliance, Imperium Coalition. Additionally:

Council Of Exiles was formed out of the want to give new pilots to EVE Online the chance to begin their stories with a community that wanted them to succeed. We’re committed to helping new (and old) pilots find their place in EVE by providing knowledge, infrastructure, growth opportunities and comradery amongst likeminded pilots. We also provide a stable home for many veteran pilots who enjoy teaching and helping the next generation of pilots into EVE’s third decade.

Helping you find your way in New Eden
:ballot_box_with_check: Boosted ore, ice, and moon mining fleets
:ballot_box_with_check: Expansive BPO Library + Industrial structure hub
:ballot_box_with_check: Free starter ship packages for new players
:ballot_box_with_check: Buyback program
:ballot_box_with_check: Skillplans, fittings and guidance for varieties of playstyles
:ballot_box_with_check: Goal-oriented and tight knit family community with an IRL first mentality
:ballot_box_with_check: Active Discord server/Mumble/Slack
:ballot_box_with_check: No skill requirements! No expectations! Play your way!

If you wish to join us in teaching and growing the next generation of EVE players, stop by our Public Channel, Council Of Exiles and speak with any of our recruiters to learn more!

We might fit the bill

Is the corp strictly a teaching corp or does it do other things within New Eden?

@Ryan_Dragoneel We do everything, we live in nullsec, we do a lot of PvE, PvP, mining, manufacturing, there’s even a blood raiders mission hub 5 jumps away. Our CEO likes to refer to us as an “Industry Corp with Teeth” lol :rofl:

Boondocks Industrial: Bringing Business to the Boondocks!!

Our business plan is to Encourage and Inspire Business Opportunities in the many systems that lie at the end of the gravel roads of New Eden. Far from the noise and traffic of the Trade hubs. Where you wave at your neighbors as you pass, sit on your front porch, drink your coffee, read your paper and enjoy the fresh air. All without having to worry about 'bots mining your ore, or gankers knocking on your doors.

Boondocks Industrial is now hiring. We are looking for Mature Entrepreneurs with a background in Trade, Mining and Industry. Creativity, Inventiveness and the ability to think outside of the box. You must be willing to live and work in NPC Null. No experience necessary, we will train the right candidates. PvP experience is a plus, but not required. We will train you if you are interested. You will be strongly encouraged to participate in Alliance and Coalition fleets. We will train you. This is a great opportunity to live and work in a relative stable area of Null-Sec space without the SOV politics. Plenty of business opportunities for the cleaver thinker. For more information contact Umathyor Chelien or Abraham Solis. Or drop into I-BLU Public and ask for Uncle Uma. Bring your own calculator and coffee cup. We Love SpreadSheets!

Boondocks Industrial is part of the I-BLU Alliance and a member of the Syndicate Coalition.

Imperium Technologies - PvP | Null Sec | New & Old
[ PvP focused with 100% SRP ] - No Life like Null Life -

Discover the rich content and deep social bonds of the 0.0 experience. We offer training and access to the highest end content available in New Eden. Become part of a gaming family that stretches back to the dawn of Eve. Join a rich tradition of combat pranks, territorial wars and, in general, causing as much trouble as we can, wherever we go.

  • Come be a part of gaming history! Join an ancient nullsec Corp whose history stretches back to 2003.

  • Newbros/Returning/Olds welcome, all can apply.

  • 80% Buyback program for all your loot.

  • 0.0 Life!!! vast area of null-sec spanning the Southeast of New Eden.

  • Open boarders with all coalitions space.

  • 20 years of knowledge and experience to help elevate your game.


  • Have microphone and comms software (Teamspeak, Mumble, Discord)

  • PvP focused, We play hard, we fight hard. Must be willing and able to kill.

  • Must be +18 years of age or older (family/friends exempt as long as they are mature).

Please contact me for more info
In-game name: Bloodytears Damon
Discord: Archmage1006
IT Discord: Imperium Technologies

Hey bro. I hope you’re still considering corporations. Legion Ascending is a new corp created with a community focused perspective. We want our corp to move forward as a group instead of individuals.

While we are new, we have experienced leaders and are looking for other experienced players to join us. We are diving into all paths of EVE but are currently focusing on industry to get us going and profitable so we can offer more for our members. We frequently dive into low and null sec for small gang pvp and plan to get our people into incursions for isk.

We have plenty of goals for our future, but right now we are enjoying the process of growing and creating new friends to enjoy the game with. Life comes first is a must-have attitude and we require a sense of humor! Or at least the ability to take a joke. We want the environment of our corp to be as stress free as possible while still accomplishing our goals together.

I could go on all day with what we hope to accomplish, but instead of boring you to death i hope you reach out and see what you think.

Aegis Victorium - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

would love to chat more! you fit what we are looking for right now! we are upping our Indy team!

Give us a look and maybe chat with us to see if our goals align!